Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a Day!

I have celebrated my 5 year anniversary as a parent. I realized this yesterday while celebrating Kylie's 5th birthday.
Here is Kylie and I, 5 years ago. She was 2 weeks old. I can still remember this day so well. This was the day we took Kylie to Sean and my work places to show her off to all our friends. This is one of my favorite pictures.

So here we are 5 years and 3 kids later, I am sitting here nursing my son and fighting with my girls. I love the ability to have the laptop on the couch, but need to brush up on my one handed typing.

The first day of my 5th year as a parent has been one that really you can only laugh at, because if you didn't, tears would easily come.
Its Wednesday, so that means swimming lessons. We are in week 5 of 10. I have a good set up going with my parents for the lessons, my Mom, who doesn't like to swim, watches Kaylum poolside while my Dad and I swim with whoever isn't in their lesson. My Dad and I love to swim so its a great way to get in some exercise while the girls get lessons.
Gathering 3 kiddos to get out the door can get a little hectic and I almost forgot the swimming bag (towels, soap etc). I will get back to this later.
Keira has been practicing her cannon balls lately. She is getting better and today she mastered them. So after doing a few, she decided she was going to go down the little slide. I guess she felt inspired to do another cannon ball mid slide because she jumped instead of sitting down. Well crap, I am yelling no, no, no! And smack, she hits her head and splash into the pool. She comes up crying of course and I don't know if she's hurt or if she was just scared by my yelling. She hurt her head, the lifegaurd came and looked at her but she was fine. She wanted to get out but I managed to convince her to stay in the pool until Kylie was finished her lessons.
Later we were getting dressed and I was in the shower. "Where are my panties Mommy?" Oh crap. They are at the top of the stairs at home. I forgot to bring them down and put them in the swim bag. So the 3 of us have no panties and I have no bra. Awesome. Keira was lucky enough to have an extra pair of panties in the diaper bag and good thing because she simply refused to put on her pants without panties. Keep in mind, I am still nursing and have no bra on. And I will leave it at that. This dilemma would have been fine, except I told my Dad I would take him to Shaw in Surrey and then we were going for lunch. I wasn't too worried, no panties in Surrey. We were going to fit right in.
So finally home, the girls have hardly napped, and are fighting over Kylie's birthday presents. Being the sibling who's birthday it isn't, is no fun. We played with some toys for awhile but we all see to be exhausted and cranky.
My saviour and partner in this crazy parenthood journey has arrived home and the magic words have left his mouth.........Chinese Food!!! Those pork chops I took out this morning can wait until tomorrow. I am heading out to pick it up and have 5 minutes of peace.

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