Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines

I am pretty cynical when it comes to Valentines. I truly believe that we should celebrate our love every day, not when someone tells us too. Perhaps my cynicism has grown from disappointment in the early days when I didn't have a valentine and always hoped the day would inspire a secret admirer to show his face. But it never did.
I think the more memorable v-day was when I was in university and my Dad gave me and my sister a card and some candy. It was so sweet and not like him.
Sean and I have had 10 valentines days together and I honestly don't remember many. I remember Kylie's first, because she was only 9 days old. I got my sister to pick up Sean something as I was still bed ridden, recovering from a C-section. She got him a card that said Daddy and a magenta stuffed bear from Wal Mart.
Today's valentines was one to remember as well.
Last night Sean and the girls locked themselves up in the games room for awhile on a top secret project. This morning I got to see the results. Kylie was the first up and she came right into the bathroom where I was getting ready for the day, and gave me a big kiss and hug and said Happy Valentines Day. And gave me her card that Sean printed off and she colored and wrote in. She said, will you be my Valentine? Awww. I said yes and then asked if Daddy told her to say that. She told me she did her very best on my card and she truly did. Her writing is awesome for a pre-schooler!
When Keira got up, she came into the bathroom all sleepy, you could still see she was still a little out of it. When she saw Kylie's card she woke right up and say oh, I have a card for you, oh, its a secret, um, shhhhhhh (putting her finger to her mouth), oh ahhh, I will be right back! And she runs into her room and right back with my card.
The girls were so proud of their work and so was I. Keira kept telling me all morning that she very much loved me. And gave me lots of hugs and kisses.
The cards on the left were made at school. The ones on the left were made last night.
The cynicism is starting to melt.

Today being Thursday, means pre-school. One for the morning class, one for the afternoon. It makes for a very hectic day when you need to shuttle back and forth and feed a baby, feed lunch to the girls and more shuttling to school. I try to get my groceries and errands done on a pre-school days as well. Because its just easier going with 2 kids. Today were were short on time as I was due back at the school 45 minutes earlier to participate in the valentines party.
We delivered the valentines to their proper envelopes on Tuesday, that would be 35 little cards, signed, folded and sticked, plus 35 little treat bags. The girls were very excited to see all the goodies and cards their friends gave them. And had fun eating their treats and guessing who all the cards were from.

Keira's mouse we made at her party.

Now my brain is feeling a little mushy. Kaylum was up about 4 times last night and this morning seem to come way to early. Sean was home at 4 today, which I love. We get dinner made and eaten at a nice time, I get a chance to catch up, tidy up. The girls aren't always getting a nap these days, so this schedual works great, as they are usually starving by 5 and darn right exhausted by 7.

Now its just after 7 and the fighting has begun.
Happy Valentines Day!!


MurrayvilleMom said...

happy v day to you all! You have a sweet family!!

FunkyMomma said...

awesome job sweetheart, you are becoming quite the computer geek. I don't even blog!

Ironman said...

oops the above comment was from me (the DH) I forgot i was signed in as Sarah

Momto2princes said...

Great Blog Sarah! Looking forward to reading more. Happy belated Valentines!