Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vote for Kylie

Kylie's picture was chosen as one of the finalist in a photo contest on Jillian's blog. If you would like to look or have a vote click on the link and go to the "Easter Blog Contest" entry.

Thank You Thank YOU!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So my friend Jillian had a great idea for her blog, that she stole from another, so this is a steal 3 times removed. Just jotting down what I am thankful for today.

And today I am thankful for nice words. Sean asked me if I was loosing weight this morning. Cuz it looks like I am and that I look really good.

I don't know if I am., I tend to think that I am not (Eater Candy = EVIL!) but it was nice to hear anyways. Thanks Big Man!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Away Sick Bugs

Poor Keira, she is still battling this bug. I went to grab her laundry after my shower and she went back to bed all by herself. She is eating a bit more today so I hope this will help her. The girls were supposed to get haircuts today but I had to re-schedual.

Poor Sean, he has been patiently waiting for me to go to Sumas and pick up his GPS that he got for his birthday. But with the long weekend and the sick, I just haven't been able to get there. I was going to go today, looks like he will have some more waiting to do.

I think Kaylum is getting another tooth. He started chomping on me while feeding. OW! I have never had this happen before and its almost worse than starting to nurse again. He was chewing on Sean's arm last night too. I really hope its teeth and not this bug.

So we haven't been very exciting these past few days. But I have taken A LOT of pictures.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Cereal

My baby is growing so fast. Monday he will be 6 months old! I can't believe half a year has gone by already.

Tonight I finally put away his bassinet. He has been out of it for 2 months now, I just haven't gotten around to packing it up. It has held all 3 of my babies and I love it. I was wondering when I would see it again. For maybe my sister's babies? Or my Grandchildren? I hope my kids like it. That they don't turn up their noses at it. That it lasts that long in storage.

Kaylum had his first cereal this morning and he loved it! Sean got to feed it to him. He is really enjoying getting to participate in the "firsts" this time around. He missed a lot of them with the girls. The cereal seem to agree with Kaylum initially. He spat up a few times come late afternoon but I don't think that was from the cereal. I think I will give tomorrow a rest and try again on Monday.

Egg Hunt

We joined our friends yesterday at the zoo and had a picnic and an egg hunt in the picnic area. It was cold and rainy, sunny and warm all in a 2 hour time period. Poor Keira started to not feel well towards the end and ended up throwing up last night. Despite that, everyone had a good time.


On Thursday we coloured our eggs. It went rather well. We dyed about 15 eggs and we certainly could have done more.
I blow out the innards and rinse them out so that we don't have to throw them out later. So I start early and every time I bake something or need an egg then I blow it out. Its a bit tedious, and you can get dizzy but I think its worth it. LOL!
The girls really enjoyed it. Keira is so silly and would dunk her egg and then rub her hands all over it. UGH! So her hands were RED by the time we were finish. But it all came out in the bath.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Sick

Welll no one told me Spring Break was a break from being healthy. My poor Kylie has been battling this stomach bug all week. I am hoping today will be the turn around.
By last night she hadn't eaten anything all day except a small handful of fish crackers. She was hardly drinking. All she wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch tv. She was dizzy and it hurt to move. We were starting to worry about dehydration. We gave her toast and jello for dinner. Both were hardly touched. A 5 year old refusing jello! Must be bad. Sean went out and got her some Popsicles. Didn't want them. She ended up going to bed with some water.
She seems better this morning. I told her she needs to start eating and drinking or else we will have to take her to the hospital. She is trying, she nibbled a little toast. I gave her a pedialite freezie and she gobbled that up! YEAH! Finally something that works. I am going to give her another soon. She still doesn't want jello.

Poor Keira, her nose is right out of joint, seeing her sister eating a freezie for breakfast. I have been explaining all morning that it is medicine not a treat. She doesn't get it. Why is sucking something out of a plastic tube so appealing to kids? Be it a pedialite freezie or a yogurt tube.

I want to get out of this house! I need to get out! Actually I do. I am out of nursing tea and need to pick up some veggies for Easter dinner on Sunday. The sun makes this feeling worse. Althought they said snow for today, I hope its not true.

Sorry Kylie there are no pics of you to post today. :o(

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been battling my own yuckies and now I am feeling better and my oldest has some bug. Yesterday it was puking today, diahrea. Yeah, fun. She is so good about getting everything in the proper vessle. Except at 1 in the morning. I guess that's forgivable. So there was a bed change.
Then #2 was up in the morning and her pull up exploded/over flowed. I don't know. But she had pee all over her and the bed. So there was load #2 of bedding. And while we are washing beds, I did mine too.
Its a good thing I spent all day doing laundry, folding it and putting it away yesterday.
I spent most of today going through Kaylum's too small clothes and getting ready to sell them. Its a big job, taking pics and posting ads. But I got his stuff mostly finished. I have to tackle Keira's stuff now.

So this picture I took on Saturday. Its my new fav.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Photography Joke

I have been a little under the weather so there hasn't been much computer time.
But I wanted to share this funny I read in a newsletter I got at the seminar on Sunday.

A writer and a photographer were discussing each other's craft. The writer remarked, "I have seen your pictures; they're wonderful, you must have a very good camera."
The photographer responded, "And I have read several of your books. They too are great. You must have a really good pen.:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh the Conversations!

The car. A place for fun family conversation. Today was one of those days. The girls were sharp today and loaded with lots of awkward and not so awkward questions.

Keria: Mommy, is Aunty pregnant?
Me: what? does she look pregnant?
Keira: no
Kylie: she can't be pregnant, she doesn't live with anyone, just a dog.
Me: she isn't keeping the dog. (she's dog sitting)
Keira: why isn't she pregnant?
Kylie: she isn't married
Me: why do you want Aunty to be pregnant?
Keira: I want to see what she will call the baby.

And then there was the fun conversation about babies on the way home from dance class.
Kylie, is insistent that she will be only an Aunt when she grows up, not a Mommy. She will not be having babies. She has elected her sister to be the grandchildren provider.

Kylie: Now Keira, when you have a baby they will have to cut your tummy to put it in.
Me: (thinking she said to take it out, as they know how they arrived in this world), no they won't.
Kylie: well how does a baby get in there then?
Me: (to myself) AAAAAHHHHHHH! (I have told her a little about it, but I guess she doesn't remember. ) The baby grows inside.
Kylie: But how does the baby get in there?
I proceed to tell her about women having eggs
EGGS! They both blurt out.
Me: Not like a chicken egg. They are so small, you can't see them. Daddy fertilizes the egg and the baby grows.
Kylie: What does he fertilize it with?
Me: a special seed.
Kylie: yeah but how does it get inside?
Me: with his penis.
The blurt out: HIS PENIS!
Keira: Daddy has a penis!
Me: yes he does.
Kylie: does it just sort of squirt out?
(now I am trying really hard not to laugh out loud and keep the van on the road. I do not know where the squirting idea came from.)
Me: yes
Kylie: why doesn't he use his hand?
Me: because his hand doesn't have the seeds in it.
Keira: are the seeds brown?
Me: no white?
Keira: have you seen them?
Me: no they are really small, you can't see them with your eyes.
Kylie: well how do you see them?
Me: with a micro-scope.
Keira: Kylie has a micro-scope!
Me: (begging that it doesn't go further than that! and it doesn't!)

I guess the curiosity was satisfied. But all the while I am thinking, what are we going to hear about this in a few days? Please Keira, don 't go to pre-school and tell the teacher that Daddy has sperm and you can only see it with a micro-scope.
I really believe in answering those questions. I would rather them learn it from me and even though they are young, I try to make it simple for them. I can't lie and perhaps give too much information. But they will stop asking when they are satisfied. I am hoping that talking like this now will make them comfortable about talking about it when they are older. It always throws you for a loop when the subject comes up. The last time Kylie was asking was before I was even pregnant with Kaylum. She asked a few questions about babies. I gave her much simpler answers and then she proceeded to ask if there was going to be a bouncy castle at the birthday party we were getting ready for.

Cute things my son does: he started blowing raspberries today. Its hilarious. The girls never did this so I really thinks it is funny. The girls laugh and then he laughs. Its cool. Hopefully I can get a video of it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Birds on the Bay

This morning took me (very early plus the time change) to Tsawassen for a photography seminar called Birds on the Bay. Whoever decided on the date clearly wasn't thinking of the time change. Being in Tsawassen for 9am on the morning after a time change was pure evil. Mind you, I was the youngest person there, so it was probably only a problem for me. I doubt anyone else also had a 5 month old waking through the night to deal with.
Never the less. The seminar was put on by a local nature enthusiast, Ursula Easterbrook, through the parks and rec dept. She is a general photographer who insists she isn't into bird photography, even though she is teaching a class on it. She lectured for about 2 hours and then we went out onto Boundary Bay and did some shooting.
There weren't a lot of interesting (to me) birds to shoot. There was an eagle in the parking lot tree, and a crane out in the bay but mostly gulls and ducks. And to me, you see one duck, you have seen them all. OK well, mallards. Dad and I saw well over 10 eagles on the way in. There are always plenty along Hwy 99.
I took a bunch of the nature of the beach instead, I am trying to post them but its not working. I will keep trying because I want to share my favs of the day.
I did enjoy the seminar and I learned some new things. Dad and I felt a little under-equipped today. We were the only ones with out an SLR with a big zoom lens at the end. Yes, I had equipment envy today. Big time!
It was also the longest I have left Kaylum. I was a little concerned about my boobies going undrained for 6 hours as that is not typical for us, even at night. But it all went well. Sean only needed to give him one bottle and I was home in time for Kaylum's next feed. That boy can smell me from a mile away! The time change has thrown me off a bit along with being up early. We all had a nap this afternoon and Mom and Dad are coming for dinner tonight. Tonight we shall be guitar heroes once again!

My Dad

If you look carefully on this one, you can see a wee spider. I didn't see it until I downloaded the pics!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Friday Challenge

This afternoon was challenging. I have been waking up for the last week or so with a headache and today it was a doozy. Kaylum was taking his afternoon nap and the girls were very quietly and cutely playing dress up in Kylie's room, so I thought that I would take the opportunity to get rid of my headache.
Its funny how once you are laying down things go from good to bad in about 5 minutes. And that was what happened today. First there was shouting, then screaming and then crying. Ugh! I was really at my limit, patience is so hard when you aren't feeling well. So I went from a quite lay down to a party in my bedroom. Keira was laying with me as she was the one crying. Kylie was in the chair on the verge of being sent to her room, Kaylum was thankfully still sleeping and I was hiding beneath a pillow on the phone with Sean. I was calling in sick, but he wouldn't grant the leave.
I screamed a few times into my pillow out of sheer frustration. Took it out on Kylie as well. Another non-shiny Mommy moment. She disappeared for a little while and when she came back this is what she gave me.
Bless her heart. And now I feel like a complete piece of pooh. She just wants to please me so much. Its amazing how they love you so unconditionally. I didn't deserve this little love note at all. I fed them some lunch and we went for a walk. I thought it would do us all some good. It created more whining. We all napped when we got home and Sean was home early so I snuck out with Keira before dinner to get some groceries.
We had our pizza and a movie night tonight. Snow Buddies was the movie of the evening. Silly, but the girls loved it. It was shot in Fort Langley and Ladner. Its always neat to see places you know in movies. I think they are filming another "Bud" movie there right now. The last few times we have been past the hall there is a different name over the door and an American flag on the pole.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rodent Week


Well it seems our yard is becoming a haven for all sorts of rodents. This is what I saw today while cooking dinner! Ugh!! Of course the camera was up stairs but I ran up and got it and the little bugger was still munching when I got back. So I think that ends my feeding the birds. Which is sad because I love to watch the little birdies. I am not really surprised as our neighbours run a local restaurant here and tend to leave out the left over garlic bread and lasagna in the back yard. So there are always crows and seagulls flying about in the morning. So rats, not surprising. Disgusting!

This week hasn't been as busy as the last few but I sure seem to be very tired. Every since Kaylum popped his tooth he hasn't been sleeping well. He was up a few times last night and was sleeping in our bed. He was really restless so it kept me up. Come 3:30 this afternoon, I was hooped. The girls were in weird moods after Kylie came home and were in Kaylum's face. I have little patience for this. And it is hard for me to not get angry, but when you say the same thing over and over. Well. You know. Its hard, especially when exhausted.

I was playing with my camera today and the light in our bedroom. Its nice and bright in there in the afternoon and Keira was playing barbies in there so nice and quietly. I was almost late for Kylie's pick up I got so caught up. Keira politely asked me to stop taking her picture. And then she would give me the rock star pose.

I love Kaylum's eyes in this one. And if you look carefully, you can see his little tooth!

Hello spring!

Monday, March 3, 2008

First Hair Cut

Who would have thought a 5 month old boy would need a hair cut? But mine does. So I gave it a little trim tonight. It was getting in his eyes, so out with the scissors. He has been a little unhappy tonight and he cried through most of the cut, but I got it done. Sniff, sniff. I saved his hair and I will put it in his baby book. Which reminds me.......... good thing he is a boy, I am having a hard time keeping up on the baby book. Sean assures me Kaylum won't care when he is older. But maybe his wife will!
Someone told me (a hairdresser no less) that I should shave his head. Eek! No!! I love Kaylum's hair. Its always the topic of discussion where ever we go. And yes, I know its just hair and it will grown back but I could never shave it.
He's now had a bath and his hair is dry and I think I did an alright job. It won't be a regular thing, as I have no idea how to cut boy's hair, well anyone's hair.

Playing Possum

This ugly bugger has been tormenting my dog every evening for the past week or so. Its living on the other side of the fence in some shrubs in the neighbour's yard. She can smell it but we haven't seen it until tonight. The dog was freaking out at the back door and I figured its finally come out. There is it sitting on the fence. By the time I got the camera it snuck under the neighbour's shed. I have to say I am impressed with these shots. Anything in focus in pitch black is great!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


My little guy sure had a big day today. He got his first tooth!
I knew it was coming, he was showing signs of teething for a few weeks now. Sean noticed it today while Kaylum was laughing. Sure enough, its through. Sean was really happy to be the first to notice as he tends to miss a lot of firsts being at work. I can't say that Kaylum took teething as well as the girls, but he wasn't bad at all. A lot of drooling, ear rubbing and extra stinky poops. He is the earliest of the three to sprout a tooth too.
Kaylum also got a brand new high chair, and as you can see from the pics, he is very pleased with it. Its time he joined us at the table for meals, even if he isn't ready to eat them yet. The girls were pretty excited to have him at their level. And they are great at picking up the toys that hit the floor. I guess I have a new sound to get use to. Toys vs. laminate. *cringe*

My Dad and I took a photography workshop this morning with Jillian Kirby. We had a great time and learned a few new things as well. He snapped a couple of me, that's what happens when the grandkids aren't around, you have to take pics of your daughter! LOL! They turned out pretty good I think. I am glad we took the workshop. Now I have some new techniques that I can practice. Thanks Jill!