Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 is Fun?

Well so far I am not a big fan of the age of 5.
We have had a very challenging weekend with our oldest. This morning was rough, Kylie was sent to her room before I even made it downstairs. I was laying in bed when I heard the front door open, Sean was changing Kaylum so I knew he wasn't with Kylie. It freaked me out a little.
We have a child safety knob on the front door but Kylie knows how to by-pass this. Only when it suits her of course. Never when I give her permission to by-pass it.
We chalked a lot of the behavior issues to the crappy weather and being cooped up inside.
It actually stopped raining for a while today and Sean took the girls out to the park while I got dressed and Kaylum napped. We then planned to hit the zoo and take the girl's bikes. Well as soon as we got through the gates it started to pour. So all we did was a small loop to the giraffes and left. Good thing we have a membership. It felt a little silly, as we were going in everyone was coming out!
The girls really enjoyed the bikes at the zoo and its definately something to try again when its not raining. Sean needed to do some pushing and running after the girls. We had some chuckles as the girls aren't that great with the breaks and there are wee hills. Keira was screaming at the top of her lungs while going down one hill and Sean chasing after her yelling breaks!!

Normally on Sundays we have my parents over for dinner, something we have been doing since the summer. But they seem to have been hit really hard by the girl's cold. So just my sister came over and we ordered out. Kylie has yet another meltdown and once again spent some time in her room. Its frustrating. We introduced my sister to the show "John and Kate plus 8". She'd never seen it before. It really puts our struggles with 3 into perspective. I couldn't imagine having 8 kids, but then 5 months ago, I couldn't imagine life with 3!

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