Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is coming!

I am excited for warm sunny weather and all the fun activities that come along with that. But this has been the first week without school, and its been long.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Loose Tooth!!

Kylie mentioned that one of her teeth were sore the other day and then brought it up again this morning. I made a mental note to check it and forgot, so when she said it again this morning, I checked for a wiggle, and yep, it wiggled!!
She is very excited to have a loose tooth and we called Sean right away. She has been wanting a loose tooth for a few months now. Now Kylie wants to eat apples so it will fall out. I told her it wasn't that loose yet.
Ugh, like mentioned in a previous blog post, teeth gross me out. She is standing there wiggling it while I am eating my breaky and my tummy is turning.
I have to say, I am a little sad that my first is growing up. Isn't 5 too soon loose teeth? LOL! I know its not.
Sean was laughing at me, I was grossed out and sad all over one silly loose tooth and poor Keira wants a loose tooth now too!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

8 Months!!

Happy 8 months Kaylum!

How the time has flown by and you are growing so quickly! All the new things you have learned to do this week! You are officially a crawler, our laminate floor does not seem to slow you down. You are cruising around the furniture and like to use the kitchen chair to get around, even though we bought you a walker toy. You can stand pretty much anywhere now and often cruise along the walls. With these new skills come lots of falls and bumps and tears. You like to get into anything you can and love to eat ice cream! But that's just a little treat sometimes. You love apples, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, carrots and crackers and cheerios. You shriek so much it hurts my ears and are a great laugher, we will do anything just to hear it. You love to be tickled and cuddled and play peek-a-boo with your sisters. You have 4 of your top teeth coming in and it hurts your little mouth that all you can do sometimes is blown raspberries. You have the chubbiest little legs and they are so cute. So of the clothes you wear are size 12-18 months and some are 9 months. You will take an evening bottle of breastmilk and will sometimes go to bed at 8:30 but you still like to get up a few times through the night and love sleeping in our bed the best. You have also learned to pull yourself up to sitting, something I never thought you would learn as you have been able to sit nicely for long periods of time since you were about 5 months.
So happy 8 months, my son! We love you so much! xxoo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Relay for Life

Last night we went and showed my sister some support for her and her team in the Relay for Life.
What a great event this was, so inspirational.
The girls had a blast, there were all sorts of games and activities there as well, and they also did a few laps with their Aunty.
We stayed for the Luminary Ceremony, which is where people remember those they have lost to cancer or those who are fighting right now. It was very emotional and made me count my blessings for my health, my children's health and my family's health. The girls thought there was going to be fire works when all the lights went out to highlight the luminaries and we had to explain what was happening. Then we all did a lap in silence. Kylie started to cry while we were walking. She said she was sad for everyone who had lost someone. It was amazing how she picked up on the emotion around her, even though she really didn't understand. When we were leaving she said that she hadn't lost anyone, and I thought to myself, yet. Its so sad how almost everyone is touched by this disease in some way or another. We also talked about who I had lost to cancer.
I learned tonight of a former teacher of our's son, who is making his bucket list. He is 17 or 18 and has a year to live. Horrible.
I am blessed with healthy children and I hope I never have to watch them or anyone close to me make a bucket list.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pre- School is Over

Yesterday marked the girl's last day of pre-school. Its a bit early for me, but that's it, its done. Kylie is now a Kindergartener. She has a little diploma to mark the end of her pre-school career. And Keira will be returning in September to the 4 year old class!
I was a little sad yesterday and was thinking about how fast the year went. When school started, I was still pregnant and tomorrow Kaylum will be 8 months old! Time has flown. I made it back and forth to school, 4 times a day every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 months with 3 kids in the rain, snow, rain, sun, and the rain! I felt very proud of myself.
An interesting thing also happened yesterday. The teacher put out the lost and found box and Kylie was going through it and found a couple pages of pictures of when Kaylum was born in the box. My Dad had printed them off for Kylie while I was in the hospital to take for show and tell and somehow they never returned home until yesterday. I thought it was weird as I was already reflecting on the year that had flown by so fast and then Kylie brings home a little reminder of the start of the year.

Keira's first day of pre-school

Keira's last day

Kylie's first day of pre-school

Kylie's last day of pre-school

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bubbles and Water

What a great Saturday! The sun finally has come out for what I hope will be many days in a row and we got outside to take full advantage of the great day. Keira got some bubbles for her birthday so the girls were trying them out in the morning. In the afternoon we did some lawn work and weeding while watching 4 people living in the basement suite next door get arrested and then released. I have never seen these people before and didn't even know who was living in the basement next door. But there we were weeding the driveway and the girls were playing on the lawn and 4 people standing on the sidewalk in cuffs. I said to Sean, there is something really wrong with this. I don't know why but they were all released after a while.
The one guy was standing there in cuffs and the back of his shirt read, "You have the right to remain silent, now shut the fuck up!" I thought it rather ironic and was wishing I had my camera to snap a pic!
So after that excitment we relaxed in the backyard for a while. The girls played in their pool and had a water fight with Sean. We also enjoyed a nice evening out with our best and oldest friends, while my parents watched the kids. It was a great night out with the kids. We consider eating out at a resturant where there are no crayons on the table or not having to take multiple bathroom trips to be a treat in itself!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wednesday was so rainy and depressing, I thought the sun would never come out again. But today is Friday with promises of 30 degrees!! Prehaps spring is finally here.
There are some benefits to a rainy, rainy day and that is the beautiful rain drops they leave behind on the plants. I like to see what the drops may capture inside them, but I there was nothing this time. Just these ones, which I thought were really neat as they were so many lined up in neat little rows.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have been tagged by Jill

The meme topic is to share six unimportant things about myself and then to tag six other people to do the same thing.

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post these rules on your blog.

3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry

So here are random unimportant things about me:

1. Stories about teeth give me the willies, pulling teeth, loose teeth, etc.

2. I won my honeymoon trip.

3. I fired a gun when I was a young child.

4. I have a crazy sweet tooth.

5. Baking is relaxing to me.

OK, well I don't have a lot of blogger friends.
Sooooo, if you are reading this and you have a blog, consider yourself tagged!! LOL!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This morning I was woken up at 9am on the dot by 2 excited little girls bearing gifts and a wonderful husband bearing coffee and our son. Sean said they wanted to wake me up at 8:30 but he said they would have to wait, bless him.
They had 2 stone vases for me with a tulip each from our garden and some yummy chocolate, all from our favorite coffee shop. It was funny that they bought me them because I was there the other night and was commenting to my friend how much I liked them, but I never mentioned it to them at all.

The girls also made me cards, which they love to do. They were busy this morning!!

My Dad joined us for breakfast this morning as he and Sean had the big job of putting together the swing set we all got the kids for Keira's birthday. It was so yucky and rainy this morning. But after 2 1/2 hours and horrible instructions, they got it done. I am so glad the girls have some more to do when they are out side. And who knew you could get a 3 swing, swing set! I am so glad there is enough for every one, well when Kaylum is big enough.

Kaylum was having a great time watching all the action outside through the patio door and giving Papa kisses through the glass.

This evening took us to the Boathouse to celebrate my sister's 30th. Yuummmmm crab. It was a nice evening out, all the kiddos were very well behaved. Kaylum has taken to making quite some interesting noises, some resemble the "Whhhaaattttsssuuuuuuuppppp?" commercial. And he had quite a grunting conversation with my Dad in the restaurant. Lucky for us, it was a noisy restaurant.

All dressed for dinner on the new swing set

Goofs. Kaylum was asleep.

We came home and had some yummy Turtles ice cream cake and my Mom opened her gifts and of course, our Sunday tradition, Guitar Hero.
It was a great day! I have to admit, I did do some cleaning. And a lot of removing twist ties off of Keira's new toys. I think I have that mastered.
I also tried for an afternoon nap but I guess I didn't need one, because I couldn't get to sleep.
Its such a shame to follow up a nice day like today with a Monday. But life goes on.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in my life!!

Thank you to my family for giving me such a great day!

I just wanted to add this one. Its from last year. We spent Mother's Day in Powell River, we were there for a wedding. I was 5 months pregnant here. What a difference a year makes!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Keira!

My middle child, baby girl turns 4 today!
Last night I went to kiss her good night and she was laying in bed with an excited smile on her face, staring at the "Happy 4th Birthday" balloon I bought her yesterday. So cute!
She came in this morning and I wished her a Happy Birthday, she said, "I am not bigger!" very disappointed by this. I guess she thought she would get taller over night.
I can't believe 4 years have come and gone since our "last" child was born. She is such a big girl, a great big and little sister. So gentle and loving. Compassionate and sweet. Funny and smart as a whip! She doesn't miss a thing.
We are having 2 parties today, one for family and one for friends. WOW! Its going to be busy. So I better get to it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vegas Goodies

My sister came home from her trip to Vegas today. She is turning 30 this week so her and some friends went to celebrate. I am so glad that she had lots of fun! After hearing about her trip, I want to go back so bad. We went 3 years ago and it was a blast. Maybe when the baby starts sleeping through the night. The girls were 9 months and 2 when we left them with my parents for our trip. Maybe soon. Here are a couple from our trip in 2005.

Ok, that was more than I originally planned to put on.

So Sam brought us home some goodies. Mugs from the M&M store, M&M flavoured lip gloss for the girls. Lipstick and a perfume sample for me. Spoiled! She also brought me a soft pretzle from NY NY! LOL! She brought it in her suit case and it was a day old when I got it. Sean and I loved these when we were there. It was a cheap way to fill your belly. Can't say the day-old version tasted the same, but it was the thought that counts. LOL!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 Years of Bed Sharing

10 years ago today, Sean and I moved into our very first place together. It was a one bedroom basement suite on 181 A Street in Cloverdale. The landlord was Alan and he had this dog that barked all the time named Joey. I never pat the darn thing cuz it was stinky.
We were 22, well Sean was, I was 21 still. His parents thought it was time he flew the coup and were "kicking" him out around his 22 birthday. We managed to convince them to let him stay home til May when I was done school.

Sean was working at Kal Tire and I was working at Subway and the rent was $625 a month.

Sean's Mom and I moved our things, Sean was at work. Her in Sean's Dad's truck and me in my little yellow Geo Metro. My Mom made a couple trips too and my Dad was still recovering from one of his surgeries to his leg.

We didn't have much, we had a 3 piece set of couches, from our friend's parents who were moving the same weekend as us. An old table and china cabinet from Sean's parents. My dresser and bookcase from my room at home and a single sized thick foam mattress that was our bed for about 2 months until we saved up enough to buy a queen size bed. Which we still are sleeping on today. I can't believe we both slept on the foam together on the floor. I remember we used the money my Grandma sent for a university grad present to buy the bed. We were pretty stocked in the kitchen and bath department as we had been collecting things for a few months as birthday and Christmas presents. I even had a little book where I wrote down where all the sales were and the things we wanted to buy. I still have it too.

I look around my house today, and see things we still have from when we first moved out. Cooking utensils, towels (yes, hmm.....), little knick knacks. We lived in the basement suite for 2 years before we bought our townhouse. I really did enjoy living there.

Dad and I drove past our old street the other day. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years in the neighbourhood. He said to me," Sarah and Sean live down there." I said, "who is that? That was a million years ago. 10 years ago!" He said quietly, with what sounded like some reflection, "10 years........."

So happy shacking up day Big Man! I have loved sharing my bed with you all these years!!