Friday, February 22, 2008

The Friday That Isn't

Ahh, Friday. But really its not Friday. Sean is working tomorrow and his on call starts tonight and will last until next Friday morning. We aren't big fans of on-call as it tends to screw up your plans more than it does put money in our pockets. Working Saturday, its only 4 hours but still, he's away in the morning.
The girls love when their Daddy is home and must know where he is at all times when he is. They watch him like a hawk. They sit in our room and watch tv in the morning until we are ready to get up. Every time Sean rolls over, Daddy? Daddy are you ready to go downstairs? Daddy? What are you making for breakfast? Its cute and annoying all in one. Sean loves every second of it.

Yesterday I registered Kylie for Kindergarten. Its some weird milestone we have, registering our babies for school. This Kindergarten is all day which I am very excited about. I never thought that sending your child to school would involve so much thought and research. When I went to school, it was the one closest to your house. Its quite a topic amoungst the Mommies, what school are you going to? Why? Do you like it? Etc. etc. Of course everyone has their reasons and likes/dislikes, its enough to make your head spin.

Well I wrote those first paragraphs this morning. Now, 12 hours later I have come back to finish my daily post, beaten down by a 5 year old. Wow! What a day. It was not filled with fine and shining Mommy moments at all. I would have to say it was one of the more difficult days as a Mommy.
Kylie has been testing and pushing limits and buttons all week. She was sent to bed at 6:30 the other night. A first. Today she spent the better part of the afternoon in her room. Her attitude is terrible right now, and if this is the way it is at 5, I am really scared for a teenager. Trying to describe it to Sean I could only come up with the word traumatized. I am also angry and hurt.
We made a play date at Captain Kid's with a friend who moved away last year. We try to get together whenever they are here and have the time. Otherwise I think we would have stayed home. But on the other hand, we all needed to get out of the house and blow off some steam. Needless to say Kylie was much better when we got home. But I imagine Sean being home helped as well. Kylie was asking for treats and goodies all day and all I could say was no. I can't reward that behavior. The lady at the health food store wanted to give them suckers (yeah, health food store) and I said no. She looked at me like I was green with antenna on my head. Too bad lady. I told Kylie when she went to bed that I hope tomorrow will be better. If not her CD player is coming out of her room. She covered her mouth in shock. *Sigh*

Lets write about the good of today.

Kaylum seems to be discovering his voice more and more. He makes these cute little a-da noises. And was babbling away tonight. It was so great to listen too. Happy sounds. I love the way he and Keira look at each other. Its like they have some kind of special connection. I think it helps that she is so soft and tender with him. He just responds to it. They look at each other and make each other smile. Its very heartwarming.
Keira was being silly tonight. She felt that panties and one pink sock were all the clothes this evening required. She was also putting her foot in her mouth, literally. Its a trick I discovered only her and I can do. Kylie and Sean cannot. Like I said, silly.

Tonight's movie was Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It was a great family movie. Magical. Check it out if you can!

Well that's all for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more sun and better attitudes!
I don't think it rained all week!

Ever since we had to have 8 teeth pulled last year, Piper sometimes has problems with her tounge hanging out. I get a kick out of it!

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