Saturday, February 16, 2008

He Rolls!

Well today saw the first time Kaylum rolled over. I left him on his belly in Keira's room while I went to help her in the bathroom and returned to a baby laying on his back! I called Sean up and turned him back on his belly again and he did it for us. We clapped and cheered and he smiled. So I went to get the camera to take a video and he refused to preform. Instead he got some smoochies from the dog.

It looks like a show down between a boy and his dog.

We had a little adventure out to Richmond today as Sean wanted to get some "work" done on his Wii. We had a little time to kill so we had some lunch at Hons House of Noodles. Yummmy! This was our first time there and the menu was huge and really overwhelming. All sorts to things you don't find at the local Chinese food restaurants. Deep fried jelly fish and pigs feet in all sorts of dishes. We settled on items that we don't normally have but nothing too exotic. Kylie is really stubborn and likes to use the chopsticks and Keira wasn't really interested in the food until the rice came.

After lunch we drove to Steveston and had a walk around Gary Point Park. It was such a beautiful day in Richmond. I am not sure if Aldergrove saw any sun though. Even the drive to Richmond was nice. Its pretty neat to drive along 16th Ave and see all sorts of animals. Today we saw horses, sheep, cows, lamas, and a couple cats. And along Hwy 99 we saw plenty of eagles and hawks. We even were driving underneith an eagle for a little bit. It was neat to watch through the sun roof.
Back to Steveston. We had never been to this park before and it was great! I am sure it is even prettier in the spring/summer. There is a little Japanese garden beside the ocean with a little bridge, and also a memorial to the sailors who died at sea. The girls had fun jumping and running and throwing sticks, just getting dirty. They couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let them swim though. Hmmmm, I wonder. Its really hard to get all 3 looking at the same place at the same time!

I think I am wearing him wrong, but he wasn't complaining!

Running with sticks and getting dirty.

In front of the sailors memorial.


MurrayvilleMom said...

Wow! He rolls!

I just wanted to tell you that C and I grew up in R. I LOVE that many great memories. I love going there in the spring and summer to watch all of the kite flying. Steveston also puts on a WONDERFUL first of July parade too!

FunkyMomma said...

It is a great park! We stumbled on it by accident. I think we will be spending for time there for sure!

MurrayvilleMom said...


I love walking on the dykes too