Friday, February 29, 2008

New Glasses

I picked up my new glasses today. I sort of got them on a whim. I went in to pick up Sean's contacts yesterday and figured, while I am here..... I have been talking about new ones for a while anyways. I had my old ones for 3 years, so I figured I was due for an update.
I have been wearing glasses since I was 8. I am trying to think of words to best describe my feelings about glasses. I guess you can say its taken a long long time to be comfy with wearing glasses. They were always a source of teasing when I was a kid. I always had to be so careful with them. My parents couldn't really afford to replace them. I remember taking a rock to the lense once and a knee to the face and them getting bent. Also a friend busted a pair once. I never got to choose my glasses and they were always ugly. One year I had a growth spurt and my glasses didn't. Then there were the years when the things were so huge my cheeks could see too! I was the girl with frizzy hair and glasses and then the girl with glasses and braces. Finally when I was 17 I was allowed contacts! That really boosted my self-confidence. If it were up to me I would have gotten them sooner, but I wasn't paying for them so. Around the time I was pregnant with Kylie I stopped regularly wearing the contacts and after I had her I had a hard time wearing them all the time. I still have a hard time wearing them for a long time.
Keira picked herself out a pair of pretty princess frames yesterday. She doesn't need glasses and insists that she does. She really, really does! No, you really really don't. You don't want glasses Keira. All the while, trying not to give them a negative stigma in case one day she does. But there seem to be such cute frames out there now.
So you will have to check back in a day or so when I post a pic of my face in my new glasses. The girls like them. They keep feeling the flowers on the side. I picked them out without a second opinion which is a big deal to me. Like a good husband he is, Sean says he likes them. He sort of has too, they are paid for now! LOL!

Happy Birthday Sean!

Yesterday we celebrated Sean's 32nd Birthday!
It seems so weird to say we are in our thirties, I remember Sean as a 13 year old, clear as day. Sitting there in math class with a really colourful jacket. It wasn't love if that was what you are wondering. Just friendship until we were 21. LOL!
It was Sean's last night on call so we just had a little family party at home. My parents and sister came for dinner. Chinese take out! And we had a yummy chocolate and peanut butter cup cake from the marble slab creamery.
Birthdays are a drag to me. Atleast my own are. But kids sure make it better. The girls were so excited for Sean's birthday. Kylie drew him a picture and we snuck it into his lunch box so he has a little surprise when he went in it for lunch. The girls called and sang him happy birthday before school. I think that was his favorite part of the day. It makes him all misty eyed, every year. I said he better compose himself. He was in some truck yard changing a tire with teary eyes. LOL!
I found a birthday card that said From Your Son on it. I had to get it. I love that kind of stuff. Sean was rather tickled by it too.

Kylie envelope art. She is becoming quite an artist!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Giraffe

What a great day today is. I think this is the last of the sun for a few days so we made sure we got out and enjoyed it. Although it is not as warm as yesterday.
The girls and Sean went to the zoo yesterday while I partook in some shopping therapy with my sister. They were very excited about the baby giraffe. But only got to see him in his barn. They we lucky enough to see the first baby a year and a half ago when my parents took them.
Today we hit the zoo again. We have a membership, so we go as often as we want, which hasn't been that often. Now the sun is coming back, so the trips will become more frequent again.
Today we got a treat and saw the baby giraffe coming out of the barn. It was so great to see. He came out a little, sniffed the air and went back inside. Did this again and then came running out. It was more like a spazz than a run. But he made it out. The parents were on the other side of the fence and it looked like the zoo keeper was trying to get the baby close to them. They had a watchful eye on the baby the whole time.
The girls got bored pretty quickly of this show. But I thought it was amazing. I have never seen a baby giraffe.
I think its great being able to go often. There is always something new to see. Every season brings out different animals and behaviors.

This is yesterday.

Today. Father and Son.

I love this one!

5 Months Already

Well this "5" I am liking. 5 months is so far more agreeable than 5 years!
Kaylum is 5 months old!
Time is flying by.
I am enjoying my son so much. I have almost forgotten what life was like with only 2 and often think, I can't believe we didn't want 3! Now I appreciate the blessing so much.
Here are some pics from yesterday and today.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Friday That Isn't

Ahh, Friday. But really its not Friday. Sean is working tomorrow and his on call starts tonight and will last until next Friday morning. We aren't big fans of on-call as it tends to screw up your plans more than it does put money in our pockets. Working Saturday, its only 4 hours but still, he's away in the morning.
The girls love when their Daddy is home and must know where he is at all times when he is. They watch him like a hawk. They sit in our room and watch tv in the morning until we are ready to get up. Every time Sean rolls over, Daddy? Daddy are you ready to go downstairs? Daddy? What are you making for breakfast? Its cute and annoying all in one. Sean loves every second of it.

Yesterday I registered Kylie for Kindergarten. Its some weird milestone we have, registering our babies for school. This Kindergarten is all day which I am very excited about. I never thought that sending your child to school would involve so much thought and research. When I went to school, it was the one closest to your house. Its quite a topic amoungst the Mommies, what school are you going to? Why? Do you like it? Etc. etc. Of course everyone has their reasons and likes/dislikes, its enough to make your head spin.

Well I wrote those first paragraphs this morning. Now, 12 hours later I have come back to finish my daily post, beaten down by a 5 year old. Wow! What a day. It was not filled with fine and shining Mommy moments at all. I would have to say it was one of the more difficult days as a Mommy.
Kylie has been testing and pushing limits and buttons all week. She was sent to bed at 6:30 the other night. A first. Today she spent the better part of the afternoon in her room. Her attitude is terrible right now, and if this is the way it is at 5, I am really scared for a teenager. Trying to describe it to Sean I could only come up with the word traumatized. I am also angry and hurt.
We made a play date at Captain Kid's with a friend who moved away last year. We try to get together whenever they are here and have the time. Otherwise I think we would have stayed home. But on the other hand, we all needed to get out of the house and blow off some steam. Needless to say Kylie was much better when we got home. But I imagine Sean being home helped as well. Kylie was asking for treats and goodies all day and all I could say was no. I can't reward that behavior. The lady at the health food store wanted to give them suckers (yeah, health food store) and I said no. She looked at me like I was green with antenna on my head. Too bad lady. I told Kylie when she went to bed that I hope tomorrow will be better. If not her CD player is coming out of her room. She covered her mouth in shock. *Sigh*

Lets write about the good of today.

Kaylum seems to be discovering his voice more and more. He makes these cute little a-da noises. And was babbling away tonight. It was so great to listen too. Happy sounds. I love the way he and Keira look at each other. Its like they have some kind of special connection. I think it helps that she is so soft and tender with him. He just responds to it. They look at each other and make each other smile. Its very heartwarming.
Keira was being silly tonight. She felt that panties and one pink sock were all the clothes this evening required. She was also putting her foot in her mouth, literally. Its a trick I discovered only her and I can do. Kylie and Sean cannot. Like I said, silly.

Tonight's movie was Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It was a great family movie. Magical. Check it out if you can!

Well that's all for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more sun and better attitudes!
I don't think it rained all week!

Ever since we had to have 8 teeth pulled last year, Piper sometimes has problems with her tounge hanging out. I get a kick out of it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Field Trip to the Forest

The girl's pre-school class had a field trip to Aldergrove Lake on Tuesday. Thankfully the teacher lets them go together so we don't have to go twice. So we went with Keira's class this time. I like to take turns with who's class we go with. It was a beautiful morning, which I was so happy about. It wouldn't have been much fun in the rain. My Dad came along as well and we had a nice walk through the trail picking up all sorts of goodies to make bird's nests with.

Kaylum snuggled in the sling.
I wish I could take credit for this shot, but I can't. It was taken by Jillian Kirby. I just love it!

Keira's nest. She gave it to my parents and their dog tried to eat it.

Kylie's nest.

Twiggy treasures.

Keira and Papa, checking out the creek.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why am I watching "Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant?" This guy is a 46 year old tv has been who has screwed every girl that has crossed his path and now he is having a baby! OMG!! This is a sad sad man who is terribly insecure.
I think the flu bug is knocking at our door. Poor Kylie sat out at her dancing lesson complaining of a headache and when we got home she layed on the couch and barely ate anything. I hope she feels better after a good sleep.
Keira has another cold. I think she just got rid of one a week ago.
Kaylum has a bit of a cold and I think he is teething. We had a rough night last night. It was the first time he actually re-fused my breast. He woke up crying inconsolably and wouldn't take the breast but I got him settled. I had to sleep in the chair with him for a few hours and eventually made it back to the bed. It seems his teeth are bothering him again tonight. He's having a cuddle and a babble with Daddy right now.

I finished my book today. Into the Wild. I like to read books before I watch the movie. I don't know why because I am usually disappointed with the movie. But I am looking forward to seeing how this story is adapted to a movie. What an interesting story this was. This young man walked into Alaska one spring hoping to live off the land but unfortunately never made it out. It was just a few innocent mistakes really that cost his life. The sad thing was that he lived in the bush for almost 4 months and did not see a single soul. The day his body was found, approximately 19 days after he died, 6 people converged on the abandoned bus that was his shelter/home.
My next book is Darkly Dreaming Dexter. It has a tv showed based on it. I don't watch the show. But I thought I would give the book a try. There are 3 or 4 others in the series but I will just try the one for now.

Well I think I shall sign off for tonight. Maybe try and get to bed early and hope for a peaceful sleep for all my kiddos.

Here are a couple of the kids from yesterday.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

He Rolls!

Well today saw the first time Kaylum rolled over. I left him on his belly in Keira's room while I went to help her in the bathroom and returned to a baby laying on his back! I called Sean up and turned him back on his belly again and he did it for us. We clapped and cheered and he smiled. So I went to get the camera to take a video and he refused to preform. Instead he got some smoochies from the dog.

It looks like a show down between a boy and his dog.

We had a little adventure out to Richmond today as Sean wanted to get some "work" done on his Wii. We had a little time to kill so we had some lunch at Hons House of Noodles. Yummmy! This was our first time there and the menu was huge and really overwhelming. All sorts to things you don't find at the local Chinese food restaurants. Deep fried jelly fish and pigs feet in all sorts of dishes. We settled on items that we don't normally have but nothing too exotic. Kylie is really stubborn and likes to use the chopsticks and Keira wasn't really interested in the food until the rice came.

After lunch we drove to Steveston and had a walk around Gary Point Park. It was such a beautiful day in Richmond. I am not sure if Aldergrove saw any sun though. Even the drive to Richmond was nice. Its pretty neat to drive along 16th Ave and see all sorts of animals. Today we saw horses, sheep, cows, lamas, and a couple cats. And along Hwy 99 we saw plenty of eagles and hawks. We even were driving underneith an eagle for a little bit. It was neat to watch through the sun roof.
Back to Steveston. We had never been to this park before and it was great! I am sure it is even prettier in the spring/summer. There is a little Japanese garden beside the ocean with a little bridge, and also a memorial to the sailors who died at sea. The girls had fun jumping and running and throwing sticks, just getting dirty. They couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let them swim though. Hmmmm, I wonder. Its really hard to get all 3 looking at the same place at the same time!

I think I am wearing him wrong, but he wasn't complaining!

Running with sticks and getting dirty.

In front of the sailors memorial.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines

I am pretty cynical when it comes to Valentines. I truly believe that we should celebrate our love every day, not when someone tells us too. Perhaps my cynicism has grown from disappointment in the early days when I didn't have a valentine and always hoped the day would inspire a secret admirer to show his face. But it never did.
I think the more memorable v-day was when I was in university and my Dad gave me and my sister a card and some candy. It was so sweet and not like him.
Sean and I have had 10 valentines days together and I honestly don't remember many. I remember Kylie's first, because she was only 9 days old. I got my sister to pick up Sean something as I was still bed ridden, recovering from a C-section. She got him a card that said Daddy and a magenta stuffed bear from Wal Mart.
Today's valentines was one to remember as well.
Last night Sean and the girls locked themselves up in the games room for awhile on a top secret project. This morning I got to see the results. Kylie was the first up and she came right into the bathroom where I was getting ready for the day, and gave me a big kiss and hug and said Happy Valentines Day. And gave me her card that Sean printed off and she colored and wrote in. She said, will you be my Valentine? Awww. I said yes and then asked if Daddy told her to say that. She told me she did her very best on my card and she truly did. Her writing is awesome for a pre-schooler!
When Keira got up, she came into the bathroom all sleepy, you could still see she was still a little out of it. When she saw Kylie's card she woke right up and say oh, I have a card for you, oh, its a secret, um, shhhhhhh (putting her finger to her mouth), oh ahhh, I will be right back! And she runs into her room and right back with my card.
The girls were so proud of their work and so was I. Keira kept telling me all morning that she very much loved me. And gave me lots of hugs and kisses.
The cards on the left were made at school. The ones on the left were made last night.
The cynicism is starting to melt.

Today being Thursday, means pre-school. One for the morning class, one for the afternoon. It makes for a very hectic day when you need to shuttle back and forth and feed a baby, feed lunch to the girls and more shuttling to school. I try to get my groceries and errands done on a pre-school days as well. Because its just easier going with 2 kids. Today were were short on time as I was due back at the school 45 minutes earlier to participate in the valentines party.
We delivered the valentines to their proper envelopes on Tuesday, that would be 35 little cards, signed, folded and sticked, plus 35 little treat bags. The girls were very excited to see all the goodies and cards their friends gave them. And had fun eating their treats and guessing who all the cards were from.

Keira's mouse we made at her party.

Now my brain is feeling a little mushy. Kaylum was up about 4 times last night and this morning seem to come way to early. Sean was home at 4 today, which I love. We get dinner made and eaten at a nice time, I get a chance to catch up, tidy up. The girls aren't always getting a nap these days, so this schedual works great, as they are usually starving by 5 and darn right exhausted by 7.

Now its just after 7 and the fighting has begun.
Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


What a great banner you say? Yes it is!
Thanks to my friend Alyssa, she did a great job for me. She really has a talent for making these banners or siggies and blinkies!
Thanks again Alyssa!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost a Roller

We spent some time tonight with Kaylum on the floor. He doesn't get a lot of tummy time because he usually has some big sister mauling him. He is 4 1/2 months now, and still not rolling over. Mostly because he doesn't get to practice. He is oh so close though. I am alright with his immobility. I like that I can plunk him and he stays put.
Kaylum is doing really well with sitting on his own and depending on how he feels, will do it for awhile. If not, he just folds in half. Nose to the toes. Yeah its funny, especially when he pukes in your lap while doing it! And you are in public and it takes 3 wipes to clean it up. No, I didn't pee myself, its baby puke. Thanks for noticing.

All my pants have baby puke on them. All my shirts have baby slobber and snot on them.
Hmmm wonder why jeans and hoodies have become my uniform of choice since becoming a mother of 3?

Kaylum also found his sweet voice today. He has started babbling today. Its adorable! He is becoming so responsive to the girls. They make all sorts of noise at him and he laughs back. He especially likes the high pitch squeely voice that Keira has mastered. All I can say is Ouch! Its hard on the ears. But we will endure to see the sweet smile of our baby. He is certainly adored by all.

I often wonder how he will be as an adult male in his relationships with women. Growing up with 2 big sisters is going to be an interesting journey for this little guy. I talk to women with older children, their son being the youngest. They tell me their son's have a better understanding of women. I hope that is true for Kaylum. He will already be a catch, lets face it, he's the son of 2 fabulous people. LOL! But a better understanding of women, who could ask for more?
But that is years away. Right now, I am enjoying the heck out of this little guy. I don't remember actually noting to myself how much I enjoyed the girls as babies. Perhaps because with Kylie, it was new and I had no idea what I was doing. With Keira, well she was a tough baby and Kylie was so young as well. But with Kaylum, I guess I have the confidence of knowing how to take care of an infant that I can just enjoy him.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 is Fun?

Well so far I am not a big fan of the age of 5.
We have had a very challenging weekend with our oldest. This morning was rough, Kylie was sent to her room before I even made it downstairs. I was laying in bed when I heard the front door open, Sean was changing Kaylum so I knew he wasn't with Kylie. It freaked me out a little.
We have a child safety knob on the front door but Kylie knows how to by-pass this. Only when it suits her of course. Never when I give her permission to by-pass it.
We chalked a lot of the behavior issues to the crappy weather and being cooped up inside.
It actually stopped raining for a while today and Sean took the girls out to the park while I got dressed and Kaylum napped. We then planned to hit the zoo and take the girl's bikes. Well as soon as we got through the gates it started to pour. So all we did was a small loop to the giraffes and left. Good thing we have a membership. It felt a little silly, as we were going in everyone was coming out!
The girls really enjoyed the bikes at the zoo and its definately something to try again when its not raining. Sean needed to do some pushing and running after the girls. We had some chuckles as the girls aren't that great with the breaks and there are wee hills. Keira was screaming at the top of her lungs while going down one hill and Sean chasing after her yelling breaks!!

Normally on Sundays we have my parents over for dinner, something we have been doing since the summer. But they seem to have been hit really hard by the girl's cold. So just my sister came over and we ordered out. Kylie has yet another meltdown and once again spent some time in her room. Its frustrating. We introduced my sister to the show "John and Kate plus 8". She'd never seen it before. It really puts our struggles with 3 into perspective. I couldn't imagine having 8 kids, but then 5 months ago, I couldn't imagine life with 3!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pizza and a Movie Night

Sometime with in the last few months, Friday nights have become our pizza and a movie night. Sometimes we order the pizza but most times the girls and Sean make it. They do a great job too. We use the pre-made shells from Safeway and they always turn out yummy. Each girl gets their own to build, Sean does the chopping and prep and the girls build them.

Tonight the salami was bad (Superstore meat, what else) so they used left overs, who knew roast beef on pizza would taste so good! Its the only time we eat dinner in front of the tv, despite random beggings from the girls on other evenings. The girls sit in their rocking chairs at the coffee table and eat and then end up cuddling with us on the couch.
I usually catch a little nap during the movie. Prolly cuz I am also nursing and it makes me sleepy! But tonight, I stayed awake, must have been that 5:30 jolt of caffiene. Yum.

Our film of the evening was Arthur and the Invisibles. Great show, although Keira said she didn't like the bad guys. Who does I said. I think it would have been a great book to read. That Freddie Highmore (Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Johnny Depp version) is a great little actor. I believe he is going to be in the new movie the Spiderwick Chronicles. This was also a great book, albeit a children's book, but hey, so is Harry Potter. I picked it up at Costco, its acutally 5 little 100 page books rolled into one. Fast and easy read.

Today's funny: Keira and I were playing tea party. When she gave me my cup I asked if it was tea or coffee and she said coffee. I politely drank it up and when she served me my second cup she says, Here Mommy, I made you a Gingerbread Latte! Oh my! I laughed out loud. Of course I love Gingerbread Lattes and have turned Sean onto them as well. Then she tells me that Daddy makes them for me, I said no, he just brings them for me. Kids, don't miss a thing.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Massage and a Coffee

Two of my favorite things, massages and coffee.
Today I got both, all by myself for a peaceful hour and a half.
I am so lucky to have retired parents so that I can get little luxury breaks. They were pretty frequent before Kaylum was born. Mom and Dad came here today to watch the kids as their power was out. When I got home Mom had re-arranged and tidied up the toy closet. Something she frequently does when I leave her alone in my house. I stopped being bothered by it as it is just one less thing that I have to do when she does it. I even convinced her to tackle the girls rooms. She says she doesn't mind tidying someone else's stuff, it's her own that she doesn't like. OK, whatever, I reap the benefits.
Typing this out, makes me realize, I didn't really have a tough day. But the girls have been arguing since the moment their feet left their bedrooms so I guess its been a mentally tiring day.

Here's the pic of the day. Kaylum's Mohawk
is something people love to comment about.
Last week at the fire hall there were a few
firefighters running their hands through it. It was a
little funny to watch.
When we are out it is always the first thing
people talk about when they see him.
But around 2 months his hair grew enough that it fell over.
Today I added a little lotion to his hair after the bath, and wow! its long up there! Like someone said to me, people pay good money for a Mohawk like that!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a Day!

I have celebrated my 5 year anniversary as a parent. I realized this yesterday while celebrating Kylie's 5th birthday.
Here is Kylie and I, 5 years ago. She was 2 weeks old. I can still remember this day so well. This was the day we took Kylie to Sean and my work places to show her off to all our friends. This is one of my favorite pictures.

So here we are 5 years and 3 kids later, I am sitting here nursing my son and fighting with my girls. I love the ability to have the laptop on the couch, but need to brush up on my one handed typing.

The first day of my 5th year as a parent has been one that really you can only laugh at, because if you didn't, tears would easily come.
Its Wednesday, so that means swimming lessons. We are in week 5 of 10. I have a good set up going with my parents for the lessons, my Mom, who doesn't like to swim, watches Kaylum poolside while my Dad and I swim with whoever isn't in their lesson. My Dad and I love to swim so its a great way to get in some exercise while the girls get lessons.
Gathering 3 kiddos to get out the door can get a little hectic and I almost forgot the swimming bag (towels, soap etc). I will get back to this later.
Keira has been practicing her cannon balls lately. She is getting better and today she mastered them. So after doing a few, she decided she was going to go down the little slide. I guess she felt inspired to do another cannon ball mid slide because she jumped instead of sitting down. Well crap, I am yelling no, no, no! And smack, she hits her head and splash into the pool. She comes up crying of course and I don't know if she's hurt or if she was just scared by my yelling. She hurt her head, the lifegaurd came and looked at her but she was fine. She wanted to get out but I managed to convince her to stay in the pool until Kylie was finished her lessons.
Later we were getting dressed and I was in the shower. "Where are my panties Mommy?" Oh crap. They are at the top of the stairs at home. I forgot to bring them down and put them in the swim bag. So the 3 of us have no panties and I have no bra. Awesome. Keira was lucky enough to have an extra pair of panties in the diaper bag and good thing because she simply refused to put on her pants without panties. Keep in mind, I am still nursing and have no bra on. And I will leave it at that. This dilemma would have been fine, except I told my Dad I would take him to Shaw in Surrey and then we were going for lunch. I wasn't too worried, no panties in Surrey. We were going to fit right in.
So finally home, the girls have hardly napped, and are fighting over Kylie's birthday presents. Being the sibling who's birthday it isn't, is no fun. We played with some toys for awhile but we all see to be exhausted and cranky.
My saviour and partner in this crazy parenthood journey has arrived home and the magic words have left his mouth.........Chinese Food!!! Those pork chops I took out this morning can wait until tomorrow. I am heading out to pick it up and have 5 minutes of peace.