Thursday, February 7, 2008

Massage and a Coffee

Two of my favorite things, massages and coffee.
Today I got both, all by myself for a peaceful hour and a half.
I am so lucky to have retired parents so that I can get little luxury breaks. They were pretty frequent before Kaylum was born. Mom and Dad came here today to watch the kids as their power was out. When I got home Mom had re-arranged and tidied up the toy closet. Something she frequently does when I leave her alone in my house. I stopped being bothered by it as it is just one less thing that I have to do when she does it. I even convinced her to tackle the girls rooms. She says she doesn't mind tidying someone else's stuff, it's her own that she doesn't like. OK, whatever, I reap the benefits.
Typing this out, makes me realize, I didn't really have a tough day. But the girls have been arguing since the moment their feet left their bedrooms so I guess its been a mentally tiring day.

Here's the pic of the day. Kaylum's Mohawk
is something people love to comment about.
Last week at the fire hall there were a few
firefighters running their hands through it. It was a
little funny to watch.
When we are out it is always the first thing
people talk about when they see him.
But around 2 months his hair grew enough that it fell over.
Today I added a little lotion to his hair after the bath, and wow! its long up there! Like someone said to me, people pay good money for a Mohawk like that!

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MurrayvilleMom said...

What a little sweetie! Welcome to bloggerland!

I look forward to your updates!