Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visit with Santa.

Last year my friend Marci and Kevin set up a little Santa visit photo session in their house. What a great idea! No mall, no rush and NO LINE UPS!! It went so well, they did it again this year. So off we went today to visit with Santa.

Kaylum and I had a little practice run earlier this week with board-mall-Santa. He wasn't getting anywhere near Santa or letting me put him down. But he did talk to him and learned a very big life lesson, Santa=Candy Canes!! Just wait until he learns Santa=Presents!

Today was no different with photo-session-Santa. Kaylum clung to Sean and didn't want down. He talked to Santa and the girls were happy to get up on Santa's lap. Keira wants a Hannah Montana Barbie and a Ballerina Lamb and Kylie wants a microscope and a Polly Pocket hospital. Kaylum told Santa he wanted a puzzle. I love that, because he remembered from last week when we were in Wal Mart and he saw a puzzle with Buzz and Woody (his current favs) on it and he wanted it. I told him to ask Santa for it and he did!

Here are a couple images from the session. I really like this idea. No stress and no tears.