Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Giraffe

What a great day today is. I think this is the last of the sun for a few days so we made sure we got out and enjoyed it. Although it is not as warm as yesterday.
The girls and Sean went to the zoo yesterday while I partook in some shopping therapy with my sister. They were very excited about the baby giraffe. But only got to see him in his barn. They we lucky enough to see the first baby a year and a half ago when my parents took them.
Today we hit the zoo again. We have a membership, so we go as often as we want, which hasn't been that often. Now the sun is coming back, so the trips will become more frequent again.
Today we got a treat and saw the baby giraffe coming out of the barn. It was so great to see. He came out a little, sniffed the air and went back inside. Did this again and then came running out. It was more like a spazz than a run. But he made it out. The parents were on the other side of the fence and it looked like the zoo keeper was trying to get the baby close to them. They had a watchful eye on the baby the whole time.
The girls got bored pretty quickly of this show. But I thought it was amazing. I have never seen a baby giraffe.
I think its great being able to go often. There is always something new to see. Every season brings out different animals and behaviors.

This is yesterday.

Today. Father and Son.

I love this one!


Irma said...

Hi I ran across your blog through Cathy....for interest sake did you know that the baby giraffe was named after a baby girl who died in Aldergrove? ~Amryn~

you can read her story here:

FunkyMomma said...

I did know the vague details of the giraffe's name. Thank you for sharing the blog with me.