Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our was wonderfully quiet and low key. I was thankful that we had no where to be, the snow is terrible. My sister has a 4x4 so she delivered my parents, their dog and the turkey in the afternoon. We spent a quiet morning with my sister and the kids opening gifts. Its tradition that Aunty sleeps over on Christmas eve. My parents came over in the afternoon and we opened more gifts and had a yummy turkey dinner. The kids were great, even had a nap! It was a lovely day!

Christmas jammies. The kids get to open one gift on Christmas eve. Its their jammies.

Kaylum thought these cookies were for him!

Santa's bounty! That's one sad piece of celery. We were out of carrots! The girls made notes for Santa to take. So cute!

What we woke up to Christmas morning. I thought before I went to bed, the snow must be done, I can see stars. Nope! I think it was close to a foot fell during the night!

Gifts from Santa!

This boy is an expert un-wrapper, when he feels like it!

Breakfast! YUMMMY! Land of Nod cinnamon buns. The best and easiest you will every make and eat. OMG!! Cathy turned me on to this receipe and its now a tradition at our house too.

A shirt with our dog's picture on it! Good one Aunty!

This toy was the hit of the day. Kaylum LOVES balls! These ones shoot out the top! He was screaming with delight. It was awesome.

Dinner time!

Kaylum pulled his own cracker apart. Even made it snap!

Our annual family picture!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Day

On Sunday we took Kaylum out for his first play in the snow! He really liked it, except when he did a face plant.

The girls had a blast too, Keira enjoyed eating the snow and Kylie and the neighbour girl had a snow fight.

We need to get Kaylum a bigger shovel and then he can do some real work. He had a lot of fun helping Daddy shovel.

Friday, December 19, 2008

This Chair!!

This is Keira at 11 months old :: This is Kaylum (and Keira) at 14 months old

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Decos

My blogger friend Shawna has made a little fun activity for her fellow blogger friends, A Christmas Open House Tour via the blog. So here is my entry!

The Tree!!

An ornament me and girls made a few years ago. There other craft we did that day saw Keira stuff a small red pom pom up her nose. She was 2! Sean got it out and no emerg trip was necessary!

My snowman family. I got them last year from Home and Gift. I seem to have a snowman thing. This year when I put them out Kaylum kept hugging them. He leaves them alone now.

A pretty glass angel. There are 3, one for each of my babies. Also from Home and Gift.

I like to put out this year and last year's Santa photo so we can look back at home much the kids have grown in a year. The snowman is my fave, we got it on a trip to Leavenworth three years ago. The candle holder on the left, Kylie made in her first year of preschool. The other candle holder was given to me by Sean's Grandmama.

The mantel in the family room. I love to display all the pictures that we get in our Christmas cards! The stocking will be hung on the living room mantel closer to Christmas if not on Christmas eve. I would hate for Kaylum to pull them down and break the holder.

A gift from Sean's Nana. I don't know if they are Christmas ornaments, but they look wintery and they go well.

A self portrait! I really should stop taking them while in my jammies!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tree

We decided to take advantage of the dry, some what sunny weather on Saturday to get our Christmas tree. I am a little nervous this year about the tree with Kaylum being so curious and into everything. I wouldn't put it past him to climb it or pull it down.

We have a little tradition when we go out to get the tree of which girl get to ride with Daddy. We have to take 2 cars because Sean's truck holds the tree, and our van holds the kids. So the girls take turns and look forward to riding in Daddy's truck.

It was really cold and the wind was whipping around like crazy, so we were all bundled up and went off to a new tree farm this year. We had a good walk before we found it. The girls are very helpful in their tree suggestions but I like to see everything first.

Sean is the tree chopper and this year we had a stroller to push and a tree to carry.

I did not tell them to stand like this!

We got the tree home and we all went for a nap. We were planning on going to the local parade that night but the wind was horrible and I was worried Kaylum would be too cold. So we stayed home, plus we didn't wake up from our naps until 15 minutes before it started. Oops. Good thing we didn't tell the kids we were going.

We started our decorations and just as I got the lights on the tree the power went OUT! Sean was about to cook some eggs, so all we had was bacon and toast for dinner. We did some decorations by candle light and after about 3 hours the power came back on and we did a better job at getting the decos up. Its only decorated from just out of Kaylum's reach and up. Something I have never done before. But it seems to be working. On Sunday when he got up he pulled down all the ornaments with in his reach and I repositioned them and we have been pretty good ever since.

I don't see to have a full pic of the tree fully deocrated. I guess you will have to come back for that. If I get one taken!


Things have been busy, busy here on the Funky Planet this week. So I will try to do my best to catch up a bit.
On Friday we had the M family come over for Pizza Night and then after we decorated cookies. Last year they hosted us, so it was our turn! They have 4 awesome kids that are the same age as ours. Yes that's right, I had 7 kids under 6 in my house decorating cookies! What was I thinking? Well it went amazingly well. Except Keira dumped the container of little silver balls and they went EVERYWHERE!! It has taken most of the week to clean them up!

Here they are just before the dump. Do you think there is enough on there? Well she didn't. She wanted MORE!
Oh yeah, they all got into their jammies just after dinner and before decorating. I think they were just as excited to be in jammies together as they were to decorate!

After the decos were done and the kids were hyped on sugar, and the babes were in bed, we turned on a Christmas movie while the adults enjoyed some adult conversation!

What a great evening! It seems we have started a new tradition! The kids all get along so well and its it so nice that they will go off and play while we visit!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

His Sisters Didn't Do This!!

Kaylum often helps me put the wet clothes in the dryer. Usually its whatever clothes he can find he puts in there, clean and dry, dirty, he's not picky. So he was helping me the other day when he decided to climb into the laundry basket on the floor. I thought it was cute and ran to get the camera, when I got back I see 2 little legs squirming into the dryer! So he sat in there for a bit exploring!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I saw Kaylum kissing Santa Claus!

This has to be the cutest thing ever! I have been decorating the house the last 2 days and Kaylum is in awe at all the new things in the house. I keep hearing WOW! And of course there is all the touching and tasting that he has been doing too. The girls have been helping me and they have been saying a lot of I remember this! I love that! The memories are starting to stick! LOL!
Hopefully the decorations will survive the month. Most of the stuff it out of reach. The next challenge will be the tree! Stay tuned!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rock Climbing

The girls' newest activity is Rock Climbing. Its a 4 week class at a local climbing gym that they take for an hour. Its really challenging for them but they are liking it!

I Love Ruthie!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We spent a chilli afternoon at the zoo on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day but the chill was there for sure. The girls brought their bikes and had a blast riding around. Kaylum got out of the stroller for a bit and walked around. He loved that. He really loves the animals too. I took some great shots of my beautiful family, ENJOY!!


I love these shots. I love to see them playing together like this. I wonder if they will always be close. I hope so!