Friday, October 23, 2009


Did I just blog 3 times? Oh wait. Now its 4! LOL!

Child Labour

I was playing with my flash and thought I would capture this lovely moment between father and son: replacing the weather stripping. I'm not gonna lie, it was damn cute!

Spider Man!

Turns out Spiderman really loves blueberries and making muffins! Who knew!
He also likes to go to school to pick up his sisters.


On Thanksgiving Monday we took the kids to Confederation Park in Burnaby to ride the miniature trains. Being that Kaylum L-O-V-E-S trains, he hated the whole adventure. Kidding. It was the last weekend for the train rides and its was a beautiful sunny day, so we figured we better take advantage. It was $2.50 each to ride, Kaylum was free and the ride lasted about 15 minutes. It was great! There were all sorts of different engines to be seen and the best part was no line-up. We took a picnic of left-over turkey sandwiches and ate lunch at the picnic tables there.

After the train we headed over to Rocky Point in Port Moody. I had never been there before and I have been missing out! What a beautiful spot at the end of Burrard Inlet. I can see why Grandmama is there almost every day! We even saw a seal! I have been told, sometimes you can see jellyfish too! There's a great playground and waterpark there as well.