Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We were on TV!!

I really meant to blog this a couple weeks ago, but I forget so easily about this blog. So here is the adventure of Kaylum being a toddler fashion show model on TV!! All the pictures are from my iPhone.

I answered a request from Christine at Vancouver Mom for toddlers to be on a local morning TV show's fashion segment for toddler fashion. It required us to be in Vancouver for 7am, so I thought, woah, maybe not. But then Christine got stuck so I said YES!!

Thankfully Sean took the day off so we could go down to the City TV Studios. It meant a 4:30AM wake up call for me. Ugh. Thankfully Kaylum's 7am bedtime snagged him 10hrs of sleep and he was good to go at 5:15am.

We had some time to wait before we went on TV, here's Kaylum eating cookies and watching Seasame Street in the green room.

Kaylum clothes he got to model were from Appaman. Super cute! The jeans were my favourite! And he had a pair of cute Converse to wear on his tootsies.

Round 1 of the Canucks playoff run was on when we were there and it was game day. So the Green Guys were there. If you watch hockey, you know what I am talking about. Kaylum wasn't to happy with these guys and this was the closest we could get to them, despite Aunty's text message requests to get a picture with Kaylum and the Green Guys. Note: This picture was taken from inside the studio, like I said, as close as we could get.

Breakfast TV is a live show. Here we are waiting for our segment. There were 4 other kids in the segment with us. Kaylum was the oldest. If you watch the clip, you can tell he's not a stranger to a camera in his face! LOL!

The experience was fun! Even if the morning started when I usually get up for a bathroom trip and go back to sleep. Christine was nice enough to give Kaylum his shoes which he reffers to as Chucks like any good boy with street cred should. HAHA. He gets lots of compliments on them!

Kaylum fell asleep on the way home.

And of course, if you want to watch our debut, click on the link below! Enjoy!