Friday, March 7, 2008

The Friday Challenge

This afternoon was challenging. I have been waking up for the last week or so with a headache and today it was a doozy. Kaylum was taking his afternoon nap and the girls were very quietly and cutely playing dress up in Kylie's room, so I thought that I would take the opportunity to get rid of my headache.
Its funny how once you are laying down things go from good to bad in about 5 minutes. And that was what happened today. First there was shouting, then screaming and then crying. Ugh! I was really at my limit, patience is so hard when you aren't feeling well. So I went from a quite lay down to a party in my bedroom. Keira was laying with me as she was the one crying. Kylie was in the chair on the verge of being sent to her room, Kaylum was thankfully still sleeping and I was hiding beneath a pillow on the phone with Sean. I was calling in sick, but he wouldn't grant the leave.
I screamed a few times into my pillow out of sheer frustration. Took it out on Kylie as well. Another non-shiny Mommy moment. She disappeared for a little while and when she came back this is what she gave me.
Bless her heart. And now I feel like a complete piece of pooh. She just wants to please me so much. Its amazing how they love you so unconditionally. I didn't deserve this little love note at all. I fed them some lunch and we went for a walk. I thought it would do us all some good. It created more whining. We all napped when we got home and Sean was home early so I snuck out with Keira before dinner to get some groceries.
We had our pizza and a movie night tonight. Snow Buddies was the movie of the evening. Silly, but the girls loved it. It was shot in Fort Langley and Ladner. Its always neat to see places you know in movies. I think they are filming another "Bud" movie there right now. The last few times we have been past the hall there is a different name over the door and an American flag on the pole.

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