Friday, March 14, 2008

Photography Joke

I have been a little under the weather so there hasn't been much computer time.
But I wanted to share this funny I read in a newsletter I got at the seminar on Sunday.

A writer and a photographer were discussing each other's craft. The writer remarked, "I have seen your pictures; they're wonderful, you must have a very good camera."
The photographer responded, "And I have read several of your books. They too are great. You must have a really good pen.:

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Jillian Kirby said...

Sarah! This is too funny... just the other day one of my clients told me the joke, but it went like this:

A famous photographer went into a restaurant and the chef came out to personally serve him. The chef said "Wow, you take amazing photos, you must have an amazing camera!" to which the photographer replied " and you make amazing food, you must have amazing pots and pans."

Same thing! LOL And just so true! It's crazy how often people say that to me!!
Looking forward to sunday... sorry to hear you've been under the weather as well!