Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh the Conversations!

The car. A place for fun family conversation. Today was one of those days. The girls were sharp today and loaded with lots of awkward and not so awkward questions.

Keria: Mommy, is Aunty pregnant?
Me: what? does she look pregnant?
Keira: no
Kylie: she can't be pregnant, she doesn't live with anyone, just a dog.
Me: she isn't keeping the dog. (she's dog sitting)
Keira: why isn't she pregnant?
Kylie: she isn't married
Me: why do you want Aunty to be pregnant?
Keira: I want to see what she will call the baby.

And then there was the fun conversation about babies on the way home from dance class.
Kylie, is insistent that she will be only an Aunt when she grows up, not a Mommy. She will not be having babies. She has elected her sister to be the grandchildren provider.

Kylie: Now Keira, when you have a baby they will have to cut your tummy to put it in.
Me: (thinking she said to take it out, as they know how they arrived in this world), no they won't.
Kylie: well how does a baby get in there then?
Me: (to myself) AAAAAHHHHHHH! (I have told her a little about it, but I guess she doesn't remember. ) The baby grows inside.
Kylie: But how does the baby get in there?
I proceed to tell her about women having eggs
EGGS! They both blurt out.
Me: Not like a chicken egg. They are so small, you can't see them. Daddy fertilizes the egg and the baby grows.
Kylie: What does he fertilize it with?
Me: a special seed.
Kylie: yeah but how does it get inside?
Me: with his penis.
The blurt out: HIS PENIS!
Keira: Daddy has a penis!
Me: yes he does.
Kylie: does it just sort of squirt out?
(now I am trying really hard not to laugh out loud and keep the van on the road. I do not know where the squirting idea came from.)
Me: yes
Kylie: why doesn't he use his hand?
Me: because his hand doesn't have the seeds in it.
Keira: are the seeds brown?
Me: no white?
Keira: have you seen them?
Me: no they are really small, you can't see them with your eyes.
Kylie: well how do you see them?
Me: with a micro-scope.
Keira: Kylie has a micro-scope!
Me: (begging that it doesn't go further than that! and it doesn't!)

I guess the curiosity was satisfied. But all the while I am thinking, what are we going to hear about this in a few days? Please Keira, don 't go to pre-school and tell the teacher that Daddy has sperm and you can only see it with a micro-scope.
I really believe in answering those questions. I would rather them learn it from me and even though they are young, I try to make it simple for them. I can't lie and perhaps give too much information. But they will stop asking when they are satisfied. I am hoping that talking like this now will make them comfortable about talking about it when they are older. It always throws you for a loop when the subject comes up. The last time Kylie was asking was before I was even pregnant with Kaylum. She asked a few questions about babies. I gave her much simpler answers and then she proceeded to ask if there was going to be a bouncy castle at the birthday party we were getting ready for.

Cute things my son does: he started blowing raspberries today. Its hilarious. The girls never did this so I really thinks it is funny. The girls laugh and then he laughs. Its cool. Hopefully I can get a video of it.


MurrayvilleMom said...

OMGOODNESS!! I am laughing out loud and the kids are asking me why I am laughing! I just said I am reading something funny!

Good job Sarah!! lol!!

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Jillian Kirby said...

Ok I am blushing as I am reading this... LOL!!!

But I think you did an awesome job... I totally would not have handled that as well!! :)