Monday, March 3, 2008

First Hair Cut

Who would have thought a 5 month old boy would need a hair cut? But mine does. So I gave it a little trim tonight. It was getting in his eyes, so out with the scissors. He has been a little unhappy tonight and he cried through most of the cut, but I got it done. Sniff, sniff. I saved his hair and I will put it in his baby book. Which reminds me.......... good thing he is a boy, I am having a hard time keeping up on the baby book. Sean assures me Kaylum won't care when he is older. But maybe his wife will!
Someone told me (a hairdresser no less) that I should shave his head. Eek! No!! I love Kaylum's hair. Its always the topic of discussion where ever we go. And yes, I know its just hair and it will grown back but I could never shave it.
He's now had a bath and his hair is dry and I think I did an alright job. It won't be a regular thing, as I have no idea how to cut boy's hair, well anyone's hair.

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MurrayvilleMom said...

awwhhh...I hope you can still do that faux hawk!!!!