Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Away Sick Bugs

Poor Keira, she is still battling this bug. I went to grab her laundry after my shower and she went back to bed all by herself. She is eating a bit more today so I hope this will help her. The girls were supposed to get haircuts today but I had to re-schedual.

Poor Sean, he has been patiently waiting for me to go to Sumas and pick up his GPS that he got for his birthday. But with the long weekend and the sick, I just haven't been able to get there. I was going to go today, looks like he will have some more waiting to do.

I think Kaylum is getting another tooth. He started chomping on me while feeding. OW! I have never had this happen before and its almost worse than starting to nurse again. He was chewing on Sean's arm last night too. I really hope its teeth and not this bug.

So we haven't been very exciting these past few days. But I have taken A LOT of pictures.


Jillian Kirby said...

Those photos are just awesome Sarah! You have some beautiful lighting and that one of Kaylum with his hands and feet... OH I just wanna squeeze him!!!

Hope Keira's feeling better soon!

FunkyMomma said...

Thanks Jill! I love them all too!
Who knew what turning off the flash could do!

Keira is much better and all ready for school tomorrow.

MurrayvilleMom said...

I couldn't agree more with Jillian! (As I said the same thing last night!!) Awesome photos!!!!!

It was great to get out for coffee last night! I had a baby free bed lol! But...my chest paid for that one lol!

I hope all is well over there!

FunkyMomma said...

Thanks Cathy!
I had fun last night too! I wish I had a baby free bed, well I did for 3 hours. And then he was up every hour after that. sigh.

Mrs. Merriman said...

Hope Kiera is feeling better soon! And yes, I too love the pictures :D The kids are growing up so fast!

Carol said...

sarah these are FANTASTIC!!!!! and your children are just beautiful! One day we will all have to get together children in tow. Maybe at a park in the summer!!

FunkyMomma said...

Thanks Carol! That sounds like fun!