Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rodent Week


Well it seems our yard is becoming a haven for all sorts of rodents. This is what I saw today while cooking dinner! Ugh!! Of course the camera was up stairs but I ran up and got it and the little bugger was still munching when I got back. So I think that ends my feeding the birds. Which is sad because I love to watch the little birdies. I am not really surprised as our neighbours run a local restaurant here and tend to leave out the left over garlic bread and lasagna in the back yard. So there are always crows and seagulls flying about in the morning. So rats, not surprising. Disgusting!

This week hasn't been as busy as the last few but I sure seem to be very tired. Every since Kaylum popped his tooth he hasn't been sleeping well. He was up a few times last night and was sleeping in our bed. He was really restless so it kept me up. Come 3:30 this afternoon, I was hooped. The girls were in weird moods after Kylie came home and were in Kaylum's face. I have little patience for this. And it is hard for me to not get angry, but when you say the same thing over and over. Well. You know. Its hard, especially when exhausted.

I was playing with my camera today and the light in our bedroom. Its nice and bright in there in the afternoon and Keira was playing barbies in there so nice and quietly. I was almost late for Kylie's pick up I got so caught up. Keira politely asked me to stop taking her picture. And then she would give me the rock star pose.

I love Kaylum's eyes in this one. And if you look carefully, you can see his little tooth!

Hello spring!


MurrayvilleMom said...

OK yuck with that rat Sarah!! Uggggh. We have a rat or rats in our shed! Cliff is trying to get them, but not much success. He is scared to go in there lol. And of course our mole sisters lol.

BUT!! Great photos!! Awesome! Love them.

PS You have SWEET kids. Sorry that they aren't behaving for you. I hear ya! Dealing with similar issues.

Hang in there!! xo

Jillian Kirby said...

Ok... the rat thing grossed me right out!!!!! ugh!!!

But those pics of the kiddos are adorable. Love the angle of Keira`s shot and those eyes, those eyes of Kaylum`s!!