Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Challenge | Day 20

Someone must have heard my complaint about a lack of flowers to photograph, so when Sean got home from work last night, there was a bouquet in his hands! So they are the subject of today's POTD!

This morning we went and visited Santa. Our friend who is a photographer and his wife make a weekend photo session with Santa. This is our 3rd year and it is so refreshing to see what pros our kids are with Santa. This is Kaylum's first year sitting alone with the man in red. While he's never cried, he was always a little unsure about him. But this year he went right up on his lap and told him what he wanted. A Go Diego Go backpack and Batman Bat Cave. The girls of course had no apprehensions getting on the big guy's knee. Kylie said she wanted an alarm clock and a tinker jewellery box and watch. Keira asked for a sparkly box, books and a video camera. Here's last year's pics.


Matthew said...

love the flower shots. I'd love to know how you set them up.
you guys got santa pics early!

Sarah said...

THanks Matt!

Well today's were just a small peice of my back drop paper and the kitchen window.
I have been practicing a lot with my extension tubes and am really loving using the wide angle with them.

Yesterday's was the same with the paper but I was using my flash cuz it was later in the afternoon and there wasn't much natural light.

Hope that answers your question.

Robin said...

Love the colour of everything! Going to be drab from here on in for awhile!