Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Day Challenge | Day 10

This gem of a car is real and undrive-able. It lives at a car wreckers not too far from our house. I get a kick out of it and my son has recently noticed it so every now and then he asks me to drive past it.

I took this is my point and shoot and played around with some actions from Totally Rad Actions. The top is straight out of the camera, before the actions were applied and the bottom is the finished product. I don't tend to use lots of actions and if I do, I use them sparingly and at low opacity's. But this challenge is to have fun and learn so bring on 100% opacity! LOL!


Matthew said...

Awesome. I'll show our boys the pic, they'll love it!!!

carol said...

that action totally suits that pic!!! awesome choice!

my blog for the challenge has changed.

Needs some tweakin but Im tired.

Robin said...

Cool shot. I agree with Carol, that action really works!

carol said...

where is day 11?