Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Challenge | Day 6

Tonight's selection (and just under the wire I may add) is my stack of books on the bedside table. The top book is the one I'm reading, as is the bottom. The next 2 down I've started reading but never finished (not something I normally do, but hey, they are movies). The next 3 don't belong to me. I am pretty sure the Mr bottom 2&3 have been there a year. Of course other books come along that I would rather read and so these ones just live at the bottom of the pile. The only reason the photography book is at the bottom was for the picture. :)

I took this with my 5D 50mm lens at 1.4 (looooooooove 1.4) 1/16000 iso 1250 no reason for the high shutter or iso. Other than I cranked the iso cuz the only light on was the one on the table and I guess that provided ample considering how high the shutter speed was.


Robin said...

Hmmm, now I remember what happened to that book!!

carol said...

I love this. The lighting is perfect for it. The lamp light gives it that warm glow.
What did you do post process?

Shaun Young said...

That picture really makes reading look cool.:) I like the color of the books and the lighting too.

Sarah said...

I didn't do much post, just some sharpening and a a mid-tone curve bump.