Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Day Challenge | Day 30

Well here it is, the last post. I didn't think I was going to get it done. I haven't taken a picture all day. In fact, I didn't get I could complete the challenge. I really thought I would have given up a couple weeks ago. Ok I didn't post every day, but I did better than I thought I would!

This afternoon as I drove by the tree out front I saw rain drops hanging of the Christmas light cord and I thought, oooooooh!! But it was POURING!!! So I left it, well that and I would have been late for school pick up. I'm glad I did wait because it stopped raining tonight and I got this interesting shot.
I shot it with my 50mm and a 20mm extension tube at 1.8 1/250 iso 3200
I like the bokeh the lights are giving. I'd like to try again with a tight aperture. Maybe another night.


Matthew said...


Sean said...

Looking great. I knew you could do it. Maybe Mathew will stat another challenge in January ?

Robin said...

Cool shot!
Maybe we should start on Jan 1 and make it a year long challenge!
I'm up for it!