Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Photo Challenge | Day 1

Its been a super long time since I posted, almost 6 months!!! But I have decided to take a 30 day photography challenge put on by my friend Matt Hawkins.
So for the month of November I will be posting again!
Here's today's post. It comes from the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I took the kids today to wear off some sugar on their Pro D Day. We were the only ones there as it RAINED! Ok it wasn't when we got there but it did while we were there.
I took this picture with our new point and shoot camera. A Panasonic Lumix, it has 14 MP! Pretty impressive or a PS!
The image on the left I took w/ the flash, much by accident. I hate flash and I am not use to the automatic one on the camera. The image on the left I took without flash. Both images were taken on the automatic setting, because is only setting it has! LOL!


Matthew A. Hawkins said...

Nice Sarah. I hear ya on the flash. I like the comparison!!!

Robin said...

Neat! I'll join in too! Posting to my daily shot blog:
Today's shot is a cheat, cause I posted it before you let me know about this adventure!