Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Day Challenge | Day 19

Its an exciting Friday here!
First up: today's photo. It a Christmas Cactus flower. I think they are really interesting flowers. The way they are constructed it really interesting.

Next up, snow!
I was very exciting here this morning. Especially for Kaylum. He doesn't rememeber our big snow dump 2 years ago and with the purchase of new snow boots, he couldn't wait for snow! So this morning I could here him yelling IT SNOWED! And promptly asked if it was Christmas now. That was followed by him running upstairs to tell me it snowed. Telling me to come see, and also I should put on some pants, so I could come see the snow. He tasted it everywhere we went today.

Sampling the front yard snow

Sampling snow from under his boot. Yes, under his boot.

Next up: the girls! They both were awarded today at their school assembly for being excellent (but of course). Kylie for academic achievement and social responsibility, which translates to helping her peers. Keira's was for excellent reading and writing. Her reading is super and she is one of the top in her class!!


Robin said...

Yahoo. Way to go Keira and Kylie. Kaylum don't eat any yellow snow

Sean said...

It was a clean sweep by the Funks. Another proud fathe moment.