Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vegas Goodies

My sister came home from her trip to Vegas today. She is turning 30 this week so her and some friends went to celebrate. I am so glad that she had lots of fun! After hearing about her trip, I want to go back so bad. We went 3 years ago and it was a blast. Maybe when the baby starts sleeping through the night. The girls were 9 months and 2 when we left them with my parents for our trip. Maybe soon. Here are a couple from our trip in 2005.

Ok, that was more than I originally planned to put on.

So Sam brought us home some goodies. Mugs from the M&M store, M&M flavoured lip gloss for the girls. Lipstick and a perfume sample for me. Spoiled! She also brought me a soft pretzle from NY NY! LOL! She brought it in her suit case and it was a day old when I got it. Sean and I loved these when we were there. It was a cheap way to fill your belly. Can't say the day-old version tasted the same, but it was the thought that counts. LOL!!

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