Friday, May 23, 2008

Pre- School is Over

Yesterday marked the girl's last day of pre-school. Its a bit early for me, but that's it, its done. Kylie is now a Kindergartener. She has a little diploma to mark the end of her pre-school career. And Keira will be returning in September to the 4 year old class!
I was a little sad yesterday and was thinking about how fast the year went. When school started, I was still pregnant and tomorrow Kaylum will be 8 months old! Time has flown. I made it back and forth to school, 4 times a day every Tuesday and Thursday for 8 months with 3 kids in the rain, snow, rain, sun, and the rain! I felt very proud of myself.
An interesting thing also happened yesterday. The teacher put out the lost and found box and Kylie was going through it and found a couple pages of pictures of when Kaylum was born in the box. My Dad had printed them off for Kylie while I was in the hospital to take for show and tell and somehow they never returned home until yesterday. I thought it was weird as I was already reflecting on the year that had flown by so fast and then Kylie brings home a little reminder of the start of the year.

Keira's first day of pre-school

Keira's last day

Kylie's first day of pre-school

Kylie's last day of pre-school


Brenda said...

You daughter is adorable!!!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Goodness they are adorable! And they have grown so much :)