Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bubbles and Water

What a great Saturday! The sun finally has come out for what I hope will be many days in a row and we got outside to take full advantage of the great day. Keira got some bubbles for her birthday so the girls were trying them out in the morning. In the afternoon we did some lawn work and weeding while watching 4 people living in the basement suite next door get arrested and then released. I have never seen these people before and didn't even know who was living in the basement next door. But there we were weeding the driveway and the girls were playing on the lawn and 4 people standing on the sidewalk in cuffs. I said to Sean, there is something really wrong with this. I don't know why but they were all released after a while.
The one guy was standing there in cuffs and the back of his shirt read, "You have the right to remain silent, now shut the fuck up!" I thought it rather ironic and was wishing I had my camera to snap a pic!
So after that excitment we relaxed in the backyard for a while. The girls played in their pool and had a water fight with Sean. We also enjoyed a nice evening out with our best and oldest friends, while my parents watched the kids. It was a great night out with the kids. We consider eating out at a resturant where there are no crayons on the table or not having to take multiple bathroom trips to be a treat in itself!

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Carol said...

poor little guy watching all the fun from the

Great photos! Looks like you are enjoying the sunshine!