Saturday, May 24, 2008

Relay for Life

Last night we went and showed my sister some support for her and her team in the Relay for Life.
What a great event this was, so inspirational.
The girls had a blast, there were all sorts of games and activities there as well, and they also did a few laps with their Aunty.
We stayed for the Luminary Ceremony, which is where people remember those they have lost to cancer or those who are fighting right now. It was very emotional and made me count my blessings for my health, my children's health and my family's health. The girls thought there was going to be fire works when all the lights went out to highlight the luminaries and we had to explain what was happening. Then we all did a lap in silence. Kylie started to cry while we were walking. She said she was sad for everyone who had lost someone. It was amazing how she picked up on the emotion around her, even though she really didn't understand. When we were leaving she said that she hadn't lost anyone, and I thought to myself, yet. Its so sad how almost everyone is touched by this disease in some way or another. We also talked about who I had lost to cancer.
I learned tonight of a former teacher of our's son, who is making his bucket list. He is 17 or 18 and has a year to live. Horrible.
I am blessed with healthy children and I hope I never have to watch them or anyone close to me make a bucket list.

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ticblog said...

I found you via Murrayville Mom, and just have to say: yay Relay for Life!