Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 Years of Bed Sharing

10 years ago today, Sean and I moved into our very first place together. It was a one bedroom basement suite on 181 A Street in Cloverdale. The landlord was Alan and he had this dog that barked all the time named Joey. I never pat the darn thing cuz it was stinky.
We were 22, well Sean was, I was 21 still. His parents thought it was time he flew the coup and were "kicking" him out around his 22 birthday. We managed to convince them to let him stay home til May when I was done school.

Sean was working at Kal Tire and I was working at Subway and the rent was $625 a month.

Sean's Mom and I moved our things, Sean was at work. Her in Sean's Dad's truck and me in my little yellow Geo Metro. My Mom made a couple trips too and my Dad was still recovering from one of his surgeries to his leg.

We didn't have much, we had a 3 piece set of couches, from our friend's parents who were moving the same weekend as us. An old table and china cabinet from Sean's parents. My dresser and bookcase from my room at home and a single sized thick foam mattress that was our bed for about 2 months until we saved up enough to buy a queen size bed. Which we still are sleeping on today. I can't believe we both slept on the foam together on the floor. I remember we used the money my Grandma sent for a university grad present to buy the bed. We were pretty stocked in the kitchen and bath department as we had been collecting things for a few months as birthday and Christmas presents. I even had a little book where I wrote down where all the sales were and the things we wanted to buy. I still have it too.

I look around my house today, and see things we still have from when we first moved out. Cooking utensils, towels (yes, hmm.....), little knick knacks. We lived in the basement suite for 2 years before we bought our townhouse. I really did enjoy living there.

Dad and I drove past our old street the other day. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years in the neighbourhood. He said to me," Sarah and Sean live down there." I said, "who is that? That was a million years ago. 10 years ago!" He said quietly, with what sounded like some reflection, "10 years........."

So happy shacking up day Big Man! I have loved sharing my bed with you all these years!!

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jessie-gao said...

you have a good memory for your past life.

the blog has some interesting, i like reading your blog.