Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Bye Summer

Can you believe summer is over! Well not in the technical way, there are still 2o days of summer. But in the vacation way. I just had my last sleep-in during the week this morning and starting tomorrow I will be joining all the other parents out there who take their kiddos to school every day! I can't believe Kylie will be starting Kindergarten tomorrow. Makes me a little teary eyed. Where has the last 5 1/2 years gone? She is really looking forward to school and going every day, meeting new friends, seeing her old friends and learning new things. She is a smart cookie that girl. The past few weeks she has been asking us to write math problems for her. Amazing!

I just wanted to post this picture. I was taking some pictures and when I went to put my camera back in my bag, the spot was already taken!
This is Keira's baby doll. It used to be our cousin Hannah's and my Aunt gave it to Keira when we were in Manitoba. Since then, she isn't far from the doll. She makes trips to the store with us, sleeps in Keira's bed, eats with us and is in desperate need of a bath and some clothes! I guess now she is also camera gear!

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