Monday, September 8, 2008

Grade 1!!

Today was Kylie's first day of Grade 1! That's right! Last post I was talking about Kindergarten and now is her first day of Grade 1.
In the spring our school was telling us that there would be full day Kindergarten. Come last week, the first day all be it, we were told there wasn't going to be a full day K. We were really looking forward to this opportunity for Kylie and there was talk of her even entering a K/1 split class. This was right up Kylie's alley. But it never happened. The money never came through and the classes were never made.
It was a really stressful week. Kylie's pre-school teacher had mentioned to us that we should consider putting her into a Gr 1 class if there isn't going to be a split. Thankfully the school was open to this and come Friday, we officially had a little girl in Grade 1! WOW!
We are so proud of Kylie! She is so smart and we are so relieved that she is going to be challenged this year at school.
So today was her first full day of school. She was loaded down with her school supplies in her back pack and off we went! I think she was a little concerned that she didn't know anyone in her class, but seemed to get over that quickly. I was a little shaky on the walk home. How did this day come so fast? I was still processing Kindergarten, now we have jumped right past that!
We happened to drive by later in the morning while Kylie was finishing recess. I honked and waved and she shouted to me, " ITS NOT TIME TO GO YET!!" I had a nice laugh over that.
She had a great day and I am so glad. Kylie said that Damien is her best friend, she fell down at recess and had to visit the medical room for a band aid for her scraped knee, she told us the story of how her teacher broke her leg over summer break, and showed us their special hand sign to tell the teacher they need to use the washroom. Oh and she ran 2 km in kilometer club too! She also made a self portrait and cut out the paper hair all by herself!

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Kristy said...

wow HAPPY GRADE ONE!!!!!! What an exciting time!