Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When we bought this house 3 years ago, I was excited to see I had a peony plant in the front yard and it was HUGE!! When we moved in, I found we had 2. The second one never bloomed, it was in a bad place so I moved it last year, it still didn't bloom and this year, I got one bloom. So I cut it and brought it into the house! And here it is! The other plant I have is a lighter shade of pink and much more fragrant. Its my favorite part of June, to be able to cut a big bunch of peonies and bring them into the house. They smell soooooo good. I am optimistic that this magenta coloured bush will finish pouting over the fact it got moved and will give me a big bounty next year!

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Cathy said...

My peonie from my Pappa did not bloom at all this year. This would be year 5 and every year leading up to this big, gorgeous pink scented peonies. Hmmmm.

That is beautiful. We have one that colour too! Love peonies.