Saturday, June 7, 2008

blackberry blogging

Blogging via a blackberry: doesn't work so great, I have already tried writing this once. I am sitting in the car with one sleeping child, and a restless baby while Sean goes and exchanges his work boots, again. This has become an errand we make about once a month. Pretty soon they are going to ban us from the store. Maybe they should just make better boots! Oh wait, I am told they will be. LOL!
Wednesday was the coldest June in over 50 years! 10 degrees is not right. I even had to turn on the furnace, that's even more un-natural! The girls have been pent up all week and we finally got out yesterday to the park so they could run around and the sun even made an appearance for us. Felt so good! I hope we see more of that warm yellow goodness soon!

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