Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fat Lip

My poor Mr Baby got 2 fat lips yesterday. One at the park, Sean was playing with him and Kaylum banged his face. Nothing major. Then last night he was sitting in the laundry basket and I walked out of the room. So I learned the hard way, this trick doesn't work anymore, especially with a crawling baby! He tried to climb out and fell over and banged his face. Gave himself an even bigger fat lip in the same place as the first one and a bloody nose. Sean was out on a call at the time with Kylie. I had blood all over my shirt. Good thing it was my pajama shirt and not the brand new one I just had on. Poor Kaylum, he was fine, just banged up. His lip was terrible looking, so big and puffy. Today he was fine, it went back to normal and there is just a little cut on it. I think this little guy is going to have his fair share of bangs and bumps. He is busy and into everything. Still, I feel like a dummy for not making sure he was safe before I left the room.


yueliang said...

Hi Funky Momma!
I'm yueliang from Japan. :)
I don't know how but I somehow arrived here to your blog. Oh, I saw your kids in the pictures and they are so gorgeous. Too bad the little one got fat lips. Hope they will go away soon.

Cathy said...

Oh...poor little man...