Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day! My children are so lucky to have a Dad like Sean. They are his life and everything he does, he does for them! He is a hands on Dad, not afraid to change a poopy bum or give a bath. He plays games and goes for walks with the kids. Involves them in anything he is doing, weather its putting dishes away, cleaning the van or cutting the lawn. They adore Sean. Want to be with him every minute of the day and always have a count down to how many days of work left until his day off!

The girls and I went to the local ceramics place last week and made Sean 2 mugs for his gift. They had a blast doing it and were so excited to give it to them. They were great at keeping the secret. They were in our room very early yesterday morning and I had to keep telling them to go watch tv and let Daddy sleep. Eventually Kylie started to yell from the other room for Sean to wake up. It was funny. Sean loved his mugs and made sure he had 2 cups of coffee yesterday morning so they both got used. He said his coffee tasted better in a hand made mug!

Yesterday we went for a picnic at one of our favorite parks. It was a beautiful sunny day, something very rare lately. We had some fun playing in the creek and at the playground. After we did a couple errands and drove around while the kids had a nap. Later my parents joined us for a BBQ steak dinner to finish off a great day!
Happy Father's Day Sean! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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Cathy said...

LOVE that park! Love it!