Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glasses Shopping

Titanium, you would think it strong, have been told its one of the strongest metals, and yet when it comes to titanium framed glasses, not so much. Sean's glasses have finally bit it. I believe our son got a hold of them and finished them.
The demise of this awesome pair of glasses started when Keira was just about 2, it was a day before we were leaving for Powell River for the weekend. I went into my room and there she was with Daddy's glasses in hand, saying "Daddy's!" Hmm, something was wrong, oh, it was the arm sticking straight up in the air! EEEKKKK!!! I ran them out the the place we bought them (they were only a few months old at this point) and told the tech, titanium vs. 22 month old! 22 month old, won!! He was shocked.
I guess they were never the same after that. Kaylum has got a hold of them a couple times as Sean forgets to put them up high (he doesn't wear them to work). Yesterday it took them off of him again and though, hmm, the arm isn't suppose to be that wide. It was easily moved back and yet I thought again, titanium hmmmm? And when Sean put them on last night, they just fell apart. So, here we are a few days away from our vacation, and this is not the expense we are looking for. We are going glasses shopping today, cuz you can't go on vacation, if you can't see!

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Cathy said...

Oh kids, they are stronger than the strongest metal out there LOL!

We had a similar story with one of our kids and Cliff's glasses. It was right before my sister April's wedding. We had them repaired, and they looked awful. He got new ones after!! LOL. The wedding cost us $$ and we could not afford them or get them that quickly. Poor Cliff! Poor Sean! Poor guys! LOL.

I hope Sean gets some nice ones!!