Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was an emotional day. We were at a funeral for our best friend's Mom who passed suddenly this week. I feel so sad for our friends and the hard road that lies ahead of them. I hope it isn't too hard of a ride for them.
So I was in the shower tonight (yummy baby puke), thinking and running the hot water tank out. I love to do that.
And I was reminded that my thankfulness needs up-dating.

I am thankful for:

my parents
that they have a great relationship with our kids
that they are retired
that they are at our beck and call :o)
that they live close by
that they are healthy
that they are so easy going

going out for dinner with some good friends (and without the kiddos)

frozen breast milk

crab and melted butter



that Kaylum puked all over me after the funeral and not before!

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Cathy said...

So sorry for your loss.