Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blue Milk!?

Have you ever seen it? I haven't, but today the girls coloured toast, yes toast with coloured milk. It was cooking day at pre-school, Keira ate hers and Kylie thought hers was just too pretty to eat. So I took a picture of it, so we don't have to have it hanging around for a long period of time. I think its pretty crafty for a piece of toast. That girl can draw a flower on anything and she will!

I was out shooting the little flowers this morning and again tonight, playing with the light and a reflector that I borrowed from my friend. The girls were up in the window serenading me with Jingle Bells while I shot. They had some old christmas card that played music and they sang along to it. It was pretty funny.
Here is the best one of today.

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jessie-gao said...

how beautiful bread and flower, i like.