Friday, July 3, 2009

Canada Day

I had a shoot in Steveston on Canada Day and the girls we dying to go to some Canada celebrations so I took everyone along with me. While I shot at the Britannia Shipyard, Sean took the kids over the the Salmon Festival for a wander around. By the time I met up with them there were tons of people in the community center field and it was feeling more like a party than a family festival so we left after buying some ice cream.

We wandered over to this corner where there was some shade and nice grass and the kids ate their ice cream, climbed a tree and had some fun running around. It was really windy, really windy. I wish we brought our kites. We had more fun on that corner than inside the festival.

After that we went to Hon's House of Noodles. We hadn't been there since last year and it was just as delicious as the first time. Again we ordered too much but it made for another great dinner on Thursday night!

Some pretties before my shoot

Happy Canada Day!

The kids were sufficiently tattooed when I got back to them!

This is Kaylum's version of thumbs up "right on"

Breathing is over-rated. Hard thing to do with 3 on top of you!

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Jillian Kirby said...

Ok you guys look like you had soo much fun!
And wow... Kylie is soooo you, Kaylum is soooo sean and Keira is sooooo your sister! Crazy!!