Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

These last 2 days have been record breaking heat in the Lower Mainland. Its been hot! Way toooo hot. Yesterday Abbotsford was 38 degrees! That's right! Hotter than Mexico. Our house has gotten up to 31 and our games room over the garage is registering close to 40! We don't go in there. I am writing this from the backyard, where I have been getting eaten alive all week in the evening because its the only place I can stand to be.

The girls were in dance camp this week for their Highland and enjoyed it, thankfully it was over before the really hot part of the day. The rest of the day has been spent very lazily. The heat has just zapped us. We have been having little outings in the evening to cool off. Mostly an excuse it go in the air conditioned van. We were at the mall tonight, yesterday it was the indoor pool, the night before a slurpee run and a drive. I hope there is a break from this heat soon.

On a brighter note, I am managing to keep my garden somewhat alive in this heat and have actually produced some cherry tomatoes out of a pot container. The tricky part is not having Kaylum eat them before they are ready. I took this image tonight just after I watered. The flower is supposed to attract butterflies, I am still waiting.

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Allyson said...

Cosmos flower? I have a plant in my front yard. The October flower.