Friday, July 3, 2009

Kaylum's First Dentist Appointment

I am so proud of my little guy! Yesterday was his first dentist appointment and he was fabulous! The girls have been going regularly for a couple years now. So when they called to book them in, I made an appointment for Kaylum too. They said we'll just get him in the chair and get him comfortable. Sure, no problem.
The girls had their appointments first and then Kaylum went in. He climbed right up on the chair and gave us a big smile!

Of course he has his cheer leading squad with him (aka big sisters) so he was very comfortable and happy. The hygienist said we'll just put the bib on and see how he is. I told her, you go as far as he will let you, which I think will be all the way.

She clearly did not believe me but when we got to this stage of the exam, she was just taken a back. How did you get all 3 of your kids to do so great at the dentist!? She asked.

She polished, flossed, rinsed and sucked. Each step she asked Kaylum's permission and he replied with a simple, Uh huh. She just couldn't get over him and how well he did. I knew he would be fine. I know the hygienist was relieved he was.

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