Friday, July 3, 2009

Aldergrove Lake

Or like my Dad calls it, Aldergrove hole. It is a man made lake, it has always had an undesireable reputation and prehaps that is why they layed rock around the lake this year, to clear up the murkyness of the water. But its close to home and the kids love it. The rock is just crappy and really dissapointing, I hope the parks department change their mind. Its hot and really hurts the feet. The water is no longer brown, but dark green. Ok maybe less murky, but I would rather have sand for the kids to play in.

We went with our friends. This is our 3rd summer for making these day trips together. 7 kids in all and they all get along great! This is Kaylum's first summer being able to play in the lake. You notice that he has a life jacket on. Not something I really like to do, but he's a nut and loves the water. So a little extra safety never hurt.

I got a bunch of these floaty rings at Superstore in 2006 for $1!! Can you believe they are still going strong! In fact I still have 3 in packages.

Kaylum and his Vikki. He loves her so much!

This one cracks me up!

OK, I thought of one nice thing about the rocks, it holds your umbrella up really well!

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