Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Budgie

Ever since we were away in Manitoba where we spent some time with my cousin's budgie bird Lily, we thought a budgie would be a neat addition to our family. Unfourtunatly Kylie didn't think so. For some reason she was really afraid of the bird. We weren't sure why, it didn't bite or hurt her. So when we got home and started to talk about maybe getting one she would get really upset. So we would leave it for awhile, talk about it some more, make a couple visits to the pet store. Eventually she became comfortable enough to get one. We were relived because we really wanted one and Keira did too!
So today was the day. We made our way down to Petland to pick out our bird. They had all sorts to choose from yellow, green and blues. We decided on a pretty blue and white one. The lady chased the poor thing around for a long time before she got him in the box. I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack before we even got him home! Another lady gave us a lesson on how to calm the bird down, which we were really thankful for. She calmed him down nicely for the ride home. We also got a budgie starter kit that comes with a cage, food and all the other gear you need to start off with.
Next came the name game. We have been talking for weeks about names for our birds. We sort of decided on Cherry, but then found we had a boy bird. So we started over. We came up with some good names, Willow, Parker and some not so good, Milkshake, Buck. But we decided on Indy. Not after the car race, but the movie character. It took Keira a little while to accept that name though. She was really stuck on Cherry.
So Indy came home and once we got his cage together we put him in it while still inside the box. He sat there for awhile and slowly made is way to the opening of the box. The girls sat waiting and waiting and talking to him. Surprisingly Kylie spent the most time talking and sitting with him.
We went out tonight and when we came home he was sitting on a pearch and there was seed on the table, so he found his food. Keira even said goodnight Indy, so I think she has accepted his name. I can hear him playing under his cage blanket, so I think he will be just fine. We now have to train him to be used to us holding him. That should be fun! Or painfull!

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