Sunday, August 24, 2008

11 Months

Where did this month go? My little boy has entered his last month of "baby hood" soon he's going to be a toddler! I can remember this time last year so clearly. VERY pregnant, with the Dr telling me I had a 7 pound baby inside and still 5 weeks to go!!
We have a little monkey on our hands! You love to climb anything you can. You even climb up the girls slide outside, by yourself! Its a little scary. Of course you love the stairs and will even turn around to go back down them! It amazes me that you know how to get down off of things.
You have mastered "So Big" and put you arms way up in the air when we ask how big you are. When you hear someone say "HI" or "Hello" you put your hand to your ear and say "Hi!", like you are talking on the phone.
You are drinking formula from a bottle about twice a day now and are loving to try all sorts of food. You have even tasted a few french fries this month! You want to eat whatever we are eating but are still a bit young for most.
I think the biggest event that happened this month is that you started to sleep through the night in your own crib! Its been about 2 weeks now and Mommy and Daddy are so relieved! You were crying at first when we would put you to bed, but now you go to sleep without any tears around 9pm and will wake up between 7 and 8. Sometimes you nap in your crib too, but you are still a little hit and miss on the naps. But hey, doesn't matter you are sleeping through the night!
You also got your 7th tooth this month, on the bottom right! WOW!!

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