Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're home

If you have been missing me, well I am home from a week in Disneyland. We celebrated Keira's 5th Birthday, Sam's 31st Birthday and Mother's Day as well as our kid's first trip to Disney. It was a fabulous trip, one whose's memories I will treasure always. I have around 650 pictures to go through and Dad has about the same and then add Sam's 400+ and we have a lot of images to go through, so I will leave you with this one.

This is one of the higlights of my trip. Kaylum went right up to Pooh and gave him a high 5 and even hugged him. He wasn't afraid and I was so glad. He then lifted his shirt up and showed Pooh his belly! They looked very simialar! LOL! There is a video, it will be up sometime.
So stay tuned,m, there will be more photos to come!

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