Friday, May 29, 2009

Disneyland | Day 3 |

Keira's 5th Birthday! What kid wouldn't love love love to spend their birthday in Disneyland!!!

We started the day off with a very early breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. It was a 7:50 am sitting and we had a big walk ahead of us. Made for a very early morning, very hard at home, even harder on vacation. We had a little gift opening in the hotel room and then headed towards the Disneyland hotel.

They took our picture with Pluto before seating us.

Goofy's Kitchen is a buffet with lots of yummy foods. All sorts of breakfast foods. Mickey shaped waffles, peanut butter and jam pizza (sooo good), eggs benedict, made to order omletes, and of course tons of desserts!

The only challenge when eating here, is that the characters come to your table, so you are often too busy taking pictures to eat. So your breakfast gets cold. The characters that came to visit were Goofy (of course), Chip and Dale, Brier Bear, Pluto and Mulan.

They brought Keira and Sam birthday cupcakes and sang them Happy Birthday!

We also ordered a cake for Keira. It came in a pink treasure box with a magic mirror.

After breakfast we heading into the park via the Monorail. Keira was dying to ride on this and Kaylum got pretty excited about it too.

First ride of the day was the Autotopia. I had never been on this ride before and boy did we laugh. Keira was steering and I had my foot on the gas. She was bumping into the track and laughing so hard which made Sean and I laugh hard. It was fun. Kylie and Dad were riding in the car behind us.

We all went on Its A Small World. It has been re-done in the last year or so. Not too sure what they did to it. LOL! I think they added Disney characters to the diplays. The kids liked it. All I can say is, you either love it or hate it. Me: the latter.

Next stop, Toon Town.

The kids had some much fun in Toon Town. Lots of neat things to touch and wander through and sit on.
My birthday girl! I can't believe she is 5!

The fun thing about this trip was that I rode on thing that I hadn't ridden on before because I thought they were "kid rides". There was actually a lot that we hadn't ridden on. The Tea Cups was one. Not because of the kid factor, but the whole spinning factor. But we went on and made it with not barfing! I was focused on Keira's button the whole time and there was no extra spinning!

Lolipop break!

We left the park early that day, we were all getting cranky by 2. We were up so early and were feeling it. We also weren't planning on spending as much time after breakfast in the park so we weren't as prepared with snacks, etc. We had some lunch and went back to the room for a rest. Well Kaylum rested in the stroller, so he wasn't about to rest again. Thankfully Sean took him for a wander around the hotel grounds while the rest of us rested.

After our rest we headed back to the park for the Celebrate parade. Such a fun parade! Lots of characters and actors singing and dancing.

Sam got lots of attention because she had her birthday button on.

Keira enjoyed a bird's eye view of the parade!

We hit the Buzz Lightyear ride after the parade. The kids had a blast on this one. You hold laser guns and hit targets and earn points. Kaylum rode with us and he even managed a score!
We made it back to the room before the fireworks and could sort of see them from our room. But boy could you hear them! I think they were exploding right over the hotel and every time they banged Kaylum would say, UH OH!

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