Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disneyland | Day 2 |

Its not my intentions to keep such a distance between blog posts. But life gets so busy, well you know the story.

So Day 2, the big day! We were all very excited to get to the park. But first we had to pack up. We were moving to our new adjoining room. So we had to pack everything back up and store it for the day until our rooms were ready. Kylie complained, this is taking up our Disneyland time. Yes, she was right. But once we got into our new room, it was soooo worth it!

We finally made our way to the park after having some lunch at the IHOP across the street. I think it was almost 11:30 am by the time we got there. The kids were excited and so were we. Oh, and it was my sister's 31st birthday! We all got badges saying "I'm Celebrating" and Keira and Sam got ones that said "Happy Birthday". Whenever we passes a Disney worker or random stranger they would wish them a Happy Birthday!

The first thing we did was ride the Disneyland Railroad. It took us full circle around the park and the kids got to see what Dinseyland was all about. Kaylum loved the train. Choo Choo! He would get very excited when he heard the train whistle and start dancing around.

(this is Sam's picture, I stole off facebook. It will have to do until I get her real files)
Minnie was the first character we met!

All Keira wanted to do was ride Splash Mountain and get a princess dress.. The girls had cashed in their piggie bank money they have been saving all their lives and Keira had some birthday money. So top of their list was princess dresses. After that purchase at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique we were off to the Carousel. This was our first ride and the kids loved it.

Our next task was Spalsh Mountain. I told the girls all about it beofre we left for our trip that they were really phyched for it. The line was really long so we fastpassed that one. With a couple hours to til our ride time we found the Pooh Bear ride. Ok that's not its real name. Kaylum went on this one and was a little scared. The girls were ahead with my Dad and Sam. While Sean and I and even my Mom took Kaylum. Depiste being scared Kaylum loved it and we went on a second time. Right by the ride we met up with Pooh and Tigger.

I was a little unsure how the kids were going to react to the Disney characters. Kylie doesn't like Chucky Cheese, Kaylum didn't like the Easter Bunny. But when we got our turn with Pooh Bear, they all walked right up to him and had him sign their books. Kaylum gave him five, a hug and then lifted his shirt to show Pooh that they have very similar tummies! It was so cute! It really made my trip. Kaylum was very eager to move onto Tigger and pose for pictures with him.

Kaylum has his "cheese" pose down pat. Can you tell his Mom is a photographer??

So while we were waiting for Splash Mountain we headed to Pirates of the Carribean. This is one of my favorite rides. And if you can believe it, Kaylum fell asleep on it! The girls really enjoyed it and we rode it 2 more times over the course of our stay. We also took the girls into the Haunted House! They were so scared but love it in the end. It was great!

There are so many great hats in Disney. We tried on many. Still think Dad should have got this one!

The time to return to Splash Mountain arrived and we were excited. We left Mom and Kaylum in a shady place and went to get in line! The fast pass worked so great with this ride. We waited 5 minutes when those without fass passes waited 90 minutes! Sam was in the very front and I was behind her, Kylie Dad Keira and Sean took up the rear or also known as, the driest spot on the ride. Sam has a great sequence of photos on this ride, you will have to come back and look.
So being that Sam and I were in the front, we got the wettest. And did Sam every get wet! She was also wearing a white skirt! It was great. We dried fairly quickly, but being soaked to your panites is rather uncomfortable. But it was a blast. The girls absolutley loved it!
Splash Mountain Results
We caught the train after and went back to the hotel for some rest and to refule. We napped and nibbled and made our way back into the park just in time for the fireworks. They are the most imazing display that I have ever seen. Gorgeous! The girls really love fireworks so they were really looking forward to them and Kaylum fell asleep in the middle of the show. I told the girls that Tinker Bell flies over at the end, but they must have changed that because she didn't. Oh well. It was still breath taking!

Our first Disney day ended with a little shopping. I found some treasures for Keira's birthday and all the kids got Mickey ear hats. They also gave me my Mother's Day gift a day early and that was my own set of Mickey ears!

They are something I will never wear again but will always treasure! The back is embroidered with my name, MOM.

Finally back in the room, it was close to 11pm.

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