Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tree

We decided to take advantage of the dry, some what sunny weather on Saturday to get our Christmas tree. I am a little nervous this year about the tree with Kaylum being so curious and into everything. I wouldn't put it past him to climb it or pull it down.

We have a little tradition when we go out to get the tree of which girl get to ride with Daddy. We have to take 2 cars because Sean's truck holds the tree, and our van holds the kids. So the girls take turns and look forward to riding in Daddy's truck.

It was really cold and the wind was whipping around like crazy, so we were all bundled up and went off to a new tree farm this year. We had a good walk before we found it. The girls are very helpful in their tree suggestions but I like to see everything first.

Sean is the tree chopper and this year we had a stroller to push and a tree to carry.

I did not tell them to stand like this!

We got the tree home and we all went for a nap. We were planning on going to the local parade that night but the wind was horrible and I was worried Kaylum would be too cold. So we stayed home, plus we didn't wake up from our naps until 15 minutes before it started. Oops. Good thing we didn't tell the kids we were going.

We started our decorations and just as I got the lights on the tree the power went OUT! Sean was about to cook some eggs, so all we had was bacon and toast for dinner. We did some decorations by candle light and after about 3 hours the power came back on and we did a better job at getting the decos up. Its only decorated from just out of Kaylum's reach and up. Something I have never done before. But it seems to be working. On Sunday when he got up he pulled down all the ornaments with in his reach and I repositioned them and we have been pretty good ever since.

I don't see to have a full pic of the tree fully deocrated. I guess you will have to come back for that. If I get one taken!

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Carol Kerfoot said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header!

I am so glad we are past the dont touch the tree stage LOL! Its always good when they are just starting to pull themselves up and they use the tree for leverage!